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    Default Kickstarter - Assembly Required - Official Trailer - Gaming Feature Film - 90% FUNDED

    Assembly Required is a gaming feature film on Kickstarter now - 90% FUNDED

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    Lifelong gamers and brothers Dore and Dante Harbridge Robinson have quit their jobs as VFX artists to bring to life a comedy feature film all about the world of gaming. Assembly Required tells the story of Theo, a modern day Viking warrior who is also a passionate wargamer. His one regret is losing touch with his childhood gaming group. By chance, years later they all meet in a field. Whilst Theo has honed his skills on the tabletop and become a master with a cardboard sword, his old friends have entered the very real underworld of crime. Genuinely impressed by his sword wielding abilities they want Theo involved in their latest heist! But what does Theo want?

    The movie is on Kickstarter Now, ending 15th July. Packed with rewards including exclusive miniatures and a one time opportunity to join the cast and act in a massive wargaming film!
    The film is being supported by Weta Workshop Lord of the Rings sculptor Gary Hunt, and the Nova Open Wargaming Event.

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    Couple of pics of minis we've made for the movie These are available on the Kickstarter
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    Scale comparison with other manufacturers
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    2 HOURS TO GO!
    We're about to embark upon the completion of Assembly Required - we'll be working full time on the moive right up until December, making it as amazing as it can possibly be!

    The movie is packed with philosophy, comedy, drama and action, a blend inspired by Monty Python, Peep Show, and Blackadder, along with the gravitas of movies like The Wrestler and Black Swan, combined with the social realism of I, Daniel Blake and American Honey. We've channelled all of this through tabletop gaming.
    So far we have 39 backers which we are immensely grateful for. If you want to see this film funded, and watch the result later this year, here is a link to the Kickstarter

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