Vallejo Paint Selections for Female Warrior (Various)
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Thread: Vallejo Paint Selections for Female Warrior (Various)

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    Default Seeking Vallejo Paint Suggestions for Female Warrior

    I would look for existing suggestions or guides, but I'm designating how many different colours for each part based on how important it is to me, due to cost limitations.

    The mini is a pretty straightforward fantasy female warrior. Here it is with someone else's paint job for clarity:

    I already have plans in place for the armor and sword blade, and now need: somewhat-rich NMM gold hilt, lighter/cooler gold trim on cloth, somewhat fair (but alive) skin/face, yellowy shining blonde hair, basic but tasteful white cloth, basic but tasteful leather straps, and basic but tasteful NMM shield's steel front and back (not very shiny). All in Vallejo ideally, but can make some exceptions if needed.

    Here's my allocation of number of paints per part (with any effective overlap being extremely welcome):

    NMM Gold hilt: ~3 paints
    NMM-ish Gold trim on cloth: ~2 paints
    Hair: ~3-5 paints as needed
    Face/skin: ~3 paints
    Cloth: ~3 paints
    Leather: ~2-3 paints
    Shield steel (front and back): ~3 paints

    Colors already established for other uses (Feel free to draw on these as desired): Citadel Mephiston Red, Citadel Evil Suns Scarlet, Citadel Temple Guard Blue, Reaper Cloudy Grey, Reaper Rainy Grey

    The yellowy hair is one of the more particular things. I'm seeking a look with a strong yellow to it (more than people tend to advise for natural blonde), but still with an at least sort-of natural look. Also catching the sun brightly. Much highlighting and technique (hopefully).

    The sort of yellow I have in mind is a bit like this but maybe not quite as overall 'cold':

    Anyway if you give me some direction with basic palette I'll worry about execution.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Srashki View Post
    NMM Gold hilt: ~3 paints
    NMM-ish Gold trim on cloth: ~2 paints
    Hair: ~3-5 paints as needed
    Face/skin: ~3 paints
    Cloth: ~3 paints
    Leather: ~2-3 paints
    Shield steel (front and back): ~3 paints
    NMM GOLD HILT = base Yellow Ochre add Burnt Umber for Shadow, Ivory Or White to highlight.
    NMM GOLD TRIM = Mix Burnt Umber to Yellow Ochre 1/3 for base, shadow with additional B.U. Highlight with Yellow Ochre.
    HAIR = Use Stone Grey for base, add Y.O highlight 1, Ivory to Y.O. Highlight 2, Ivory for key lights.
    Skin = Basic Skintone , light skintone Pale skintone.
    Leather = Leather Brown Burnt Umber to shade Y.O. And Ivory to highlight.
    Sheild steel - German or London grey base, neutral grey highlight White key highlights.

    I’ve tried to reduce the number of colours down to keep purchases easier.
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    for skin: beige red instead of the basic skintone. Looks better imho.

    steel: VAC pale-greyblue, VAC intermediate blue are nice alternative blueish steel colors
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