Any thoughts on Vallejo Mecha Color?
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Thread: Any thoughts on Vallejo Mecha Color?

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    Default Any thoughts on Vallejo Mecha Color?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone had used and has any thoughts on the newish Vallejo Mecha colors. Do they work well with smaller miniatures like warhammer? Thanks!

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    I haven't used them ,but a few people I know have. They are made for mecha. They wear off less from repeated handling. Haven't heard of any one using them for tabletop minis.

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    Only just got my hands on a couple of bottles but mainly as testers before I splash any more cash. I've only tested them on 54mm and military armour or larger at this point but when I've had to either touch up or add detail with a brush I haven't had any problems so I wouldn't imagine they'd not work with anything smaller. It's the usual Vallejo no brushmarks when painting by brush. Noticed that the paint wears off slower around often touched high points...but still wears off if you don't look after your piece of work. They remind me of harder wearing Vallejo Air. You might have to apply an extra coat occasionally but overall have decent coverage. One drawback is the limited palette but if you use it for what it's meant for it has most things covered. I wouldn't personally get any more of the metallics or effects paints such as oil and rust as I have too many of these as it is.

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    I like the colors but find they still need thinning and I havent found a good ratio yet

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    Sorry for the necropost, but I have used them on tabletop minis. They're very similar in most ways to the Model Air line, but have a shinier finish, and don't take washes / inks as well as most other paints inmy opinion. However they flow off a brush beautifully, and have a decent opacity, so they make a rather nice highlight layer (as long as you end with a matte sealer to unify the shininess).

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    Want to sing the praises on the mecha matte varnish. I brush it on and it's amazing. Bottles are always out, from my LGS and often from the online website I order from. Somehow, its even better than Vallejo's other matte varnishes.

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