Are there key cross-company paint colors?
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Thread: Are there key cross-company paint colors?

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    Default Are there key company-specific paint colors?

    Are there some colors that are especially useful to have, and yet company-specific? For example, as someone new to the hobby but having spent some time doing research, it seemed to me like Reaper's Yellowed Bone and Creamy Ivory specifically may have a kind of general usefulness, but I can't quite find the same profile/character of those paints to satisfaction in single Vallejo hues (as far as I can tell via my computer monitor). And I was trying to lean towards Vallejo because there's a Canadian source that makes it the best price for me, as well as Vallejo usually coming very highly recommended as a paint company in general.

    So, is it more optimal to nab some particular hues from different companies, than getting pretty much everything from one single company for one reason or another? People in tutorial videos tend to say 'this is just what I have, you could use any replacement', but I get the impression that they might be downplaying their paint choices somewhat. And I also feel like there is a not-inconsequential difference between having to mix for certain hues or not. But I just want to get some feedback on this.

    And if it's true that certain hues like Yellowed Bone and Creamy Ivory have a kind of special niche, I'd welcome any tips for similar such company-specific paint colors that are generally useful to have on hand, i.e. for steel/leather/skin/hair/dirt.
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    Yeah pick and mix from companies is best. I use Vallejo and Scale 75 colours as well as GW and Artists Acrylics.
    Vallejo are the most consistent with colours, BUT the colours on their charts/online are not a true colour match to what’s in the bottle. Same with every company really.
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    Don't worry too much about specific paints. Pick and mix useful colours, yes, but it's not that important to have exactly the same paints as what some other painters use, if you can't easily find them. Learning to mix is a key skill and as you get better at it you will find that having certain paints is convenient, but not crucial. I have been painting for ages and this was the first time I've heard the name Yellowed Bone, for instance. So, it's hardly THAT crucial to have exactly that paint. Vallejo Model Color have a very broad selection of useful paints. They make up the majority of my paint collection. I have then added useful paints from other brands as I've come across them.
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