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    I was talking fallout terrain with my wife, and she initially suggested using hot wheels for burnt out wrecks, but quickly realized they were way off scale. Her thought process got me thinking though...

    I remember seeing a diorama at gencon one year... It had a 40k scene in the foreground taking place on a cliff edge, and there was a forced perspective thing going on with some creative use of shading and wisps of cotton showing a 6mm battle on the canyon floor in the background.

    I was thinking that it might be possible to create fallout terrain which uses forced perspective in some way... either having a derilect highway in the background, or (for those of you familiar with fallout 4) a highway overpass gunner fort with a forced perspective ground below.

    I find myself wondering:

    Could this work?
    What tricks could I use that would help pull off the illusion?

    I've seen some figs that use forced perspective in some way, but I'm wondering if anyone knows of terrain that has done so, or if you might have some tips or ideas.


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    The problem with forced perspective is that it really only works from one angle. It would work in something like a boxed diorama, but otherwise I'd think it look weird.
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    What would be your suggestions if I decided to try it in a diorama?

    Also, as you mentioned, directionality is important; how wide of a viewing angle would break the illusion? I would guess it would be at least partly relational to the magnitude of the forced perspective...

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    I don't know how wide the viewing angle could be. I guess, as you say, it would depend on how much you would want to force the perspective. In a boxed diorama you can also play around with hidden lights. That way you could get a visual focus on stuff in the foreground, pretty much like on a film set. If you would want to do something like this, planning is the key. And to test your ideas before getting to far in. Do simple mockups and see if the illusion works. Then you can work out things like viewing angle and such.
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    One of the easiest examples is which typifies both how Good forced perspective can be, and how difficult it is to be perceived by the viewer.

    If as Ritual suggest you use the “boxed diorama” technique the You ‘lock’ the viewpoint and make the viewer ‘accept’ the forced perspective.
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