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    Ok, so I'm getting back into painting mini's after... well probably about 20 years so I figured I might as well start sharing project shots with people who know way more about it than I do. Currently I like the color scheme well enough but it all feels really rough and some of the details got clogged up with paint so I'm thinking about stripping it down and trying again after I get some brushes with finer tips.

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    Welcome back to the hobby
    1. 'Painting is a companion with whom one may hope to walk a great part of life's journey.' W. Churchill
    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Welcome back. Reds are looking great. Waiting to see your painting on this nice mini.
    I eat crayons!! Do you have any REDS? They taste the best!
    I probably would paint with them better.

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    Welcome back buddy. It's an awesome looking mini there, with a solid paint job. If you're having trouble with rough paint and clogged details, perhaps thin your paint down a little more than you are currently doing.

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    Default Looks great

    A nice start in the early steps to build on and to answer your question ide day for thinning out your paint. Look on reapers articles and tutorials. It should have a write up on thinning paint titles-“ THE ART OF THINNING PAINT”. You can also use a# of diff things along with water to dilute your paints with. As you add water painting a region tends to be not able to cover even enough and this can be frustration applying god knows how many layers to get an opaque coverage. An easier way IMHO IS TO ADD1:1:1 that means .3 diff compounds to your paint 1 part water , 1part reaper drying retardend, 1part reaper flow improver (lahmian medium) ,along with1 part paint . Again your adding 3 diff things to your paint. I do this and it helps my coverage , it gives me a non translucent solid color I’m after and it requires less applications and allows no danger in clogging details.

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    Hey - I just wanted to quickly say thank you for all the encouragement and tips. I read through that thinning article and it's super helpful. I look forward to testing it out soon.

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