AQ Inferno: Widowmaker clarification needed.
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Thread: AQ Inferno: Widowmaker clarification needed.

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    Default AQ Inferno: Widowmaker clarification needed.

    The rules for the lvl 2 widowmaker bow are very unclear. If its played exactly how it says. For every hit you get to roll another dice. Which usually results in 15 to 20 hits before you run out. Is this right? Seems wrong a lvl 2 weapon can one shot anything in the game.

    Or do just the intial rolled hits get re-rolls? Which would bring the damage down to a max of 4 (barring critical hits) which is still a good weapon but doesn't break the game?

    Has there been any official clarification for this?

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    Still no official word on this?

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    An average character doesn't get 15 hits from the Widowmaker though.
    Every bow you roll counts as a crit so you have a 50% chance on a crit per roll.

    * Without rerolls that's per dice:
    50% to roll 0 hits
    25% to roll 1 hit
    12.5% to roll 2 hits
    6.25% to roll 3 hits
    .. and so on.

    So hardly an average of 15 hits per 2 dice. Good? Yes.
    We didn't have the impression that the Widowmaker is ridiculously overpowered, though.
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