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    Default flesh tearers librarian paint scheme

    i was wondering what is the proper paint scheme for a flesh tearers librarian. i am currently using black body and limbs with maccrage(i dont use ultra marines so forgive me if i misspelled it) blue shoulder pads and power pack and a gold head as per the blood angels codex command scheme. let me know what i should do

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    Well, that would depend on how you want to do it really. I have seen images from sites where they went the basic blue (with black shoulder pads) of a typical librarian, I have also seen one that added a blue arm and helmet and the rest was the regular FT colors. Or you could just mimic the Mephiston character (I know he isn't a FT librarian) and go with the basic FT color scheme.

    If you are painting it to play with then you might want to go the codex route as some might complain about it, in games, otherwise. Which would be blue armor.

    If it is for your own collection and just for display, paint it however you would like

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    altough in most pics I could find they were painted as:
    - blue armor
    - bare head / gold head
    - FT shoulderpads + powerpack (black)

    I'd go rather with:
    - FT colors
    - Blue right shoulderpad (where the lirarian skull/book is)
    - FT left shoulderpad (where the chaptersymbol is)
    - head bare / gold (as a BA successor chapter)
    Forgot, that it works again.

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