Issues with Hasslefree miniatures?
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Thread: Issues with Hasslefree miniatures?

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    Default Issues with Hasslefree miniatures?

    I mostly pain & collect, but since I'm the only one who do so on our group, I also buy & paint figures to represent our characters when we play D&D and similars.

    At June 24th I discovered Hasslefree miniatures was holding a summer sale, so I bought about 50€ worth of stuff. And then... nothing. Passed some time without news, so I sent my first mail asking if it had been shipped; nothing. Second; nothing.

    After a while, I discovered they have a facebook page, so went there, seen they posted on July 13th so they are alive... and asked again by MP and post, and still nothing. So now it's July 24th, it has been a month since I placed that order, and I can't either get an answer to "Where are my miniatures?" or even better, the miniatures themselves.

    I like their catalogue, I understand they are a small company, understaffed, but I'm astonished at how they can treat their costumers like that. If they are overwhelmed with orders, then maybe holding a sale (AKA, more orders, all at once) isn't the best idea. And if shipping stuff is slow, answering a mail isn't. So my question here is... is there anyone who knows them, who deal with them, who purchase stuff from them?

    I'm on Barcelona, they are on the UK, otherwise I may just drive there.

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    I used to. Until 2016 Halloween sale when I had the same exp as you.
    Placed my order around 30th oct. no news(no replies to queries) until january , when they suddenly answered. Apparently my emails went to the spam folder, so haven't saw them.
    They said they shipped the minis, but none arrived by march, so I opened a paypal claim and got refunded.

    It seems they have problems by sales. Also I got their newsletter for this summer sale and there was something like they'll start shipping after the sale closes + maybe after a holiday. All in all it seemed as no shipping was planned before the middle/end of juli.

    The worst part is that according to the tracking no GLS had handled the package... and same year I had a similar exp from RodLangton (package went to GLS, then nothing, no notification, no way of finding the package), BUT the RodL. package was waiting at a local shop. It was just GLS's fault for not delivering.
    So I assume HassleFree did indeed sent the minis, but the company (or more precisely the deliveryman) was lazy to even write a notification, that my stuff is here.

    The minis would have been better as I like quite a few of them.

    edit: from their site:
    "I'm afarid there is! There's no mail going out during the sale.

    We're using the week to put our house back in order, catch up anything outstanding, tidy up and so on. Have a little breather and making sure everything is spick and span before heading back to the grind and starting our release schedule again.

    Mail will resume in July."


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    I'm sorry for your experience then
    It sounds like you had a lot more patience than me. The issue is, I was planning on spending my summer working on several painting projects; so the very same day (June 24th) I ordered stuff from Darksword, Reaper, Games Workshop, Mierce & Hasslefree. I know, it would have been easier (and cheaper) to order all from some spanish shop, but none works with all of them.
    No need to say, Hasslefree is by far the smallest of that bunch, although I think neither Darksword or Mierce are that big either. Anyway, all arrived weeks ago: Reaper ships from Texas, and it was just a week and a half. All except Hasslefree, so that triggered my patience.

    Later I saw that info you post about "mail will resume in july" but... the order was near the end of june, so they had almost an entire month to either write me back or send my minis. I could be a lot more patient if at least I knew they are working on it. Right now I already have opened a paypal claim, but it was more to let them know I want info than to get my money back. I refuse to scalate it to reclamation because well, getting the money back will be just the last thing if everything fails. I prefer the minis

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    I think they recently had some staffing issues so that may have had some effect on the delay as well and the reason HF had the sale. But yes, they can be a bit slower than some especially during the sales but they usually announce that it won't got out until after the sale. Also, if you emailed them through the company's email address, then yes, they can be notorious for not replying to that in a timely manner. He usually is fairly good at replying to his bwartemis email though. I have purchased from them twice (not during sales) and I received the minis in a timely manner (considering I am in the US), as I recall.

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    That's rather unusual. I consistently buy from Hasslefree because they regularly deliver to Oz without any drama.
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    The guy who runs the sales end of HF has had an extremely rough year with health issues (multiple surgeries) and also personal matters that also cost him his help at the business. I am not saying things couldn't have been done differently/better, in order to minimise the effect on the customers, but at least those are the reasons for the slow service and poor communication. I had an order that took three months to get to me, but it arrived in the end and I got some extras in the package for the long wait.
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    Truth is the guy who now owns and runs Hasslefree really has had a hard time of things.
    Health, Divorce and staff problems have really messed his business up.
    He’s desperately trying to get things back to a normal status, but the level of his own success is hampering him.
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    I'm truly sorry then, it sucks when that stuff happens.
    There's nothing more to say then, whenever they can they will ship it and I can wait till that happens.

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    Hope everything gets back on track over at Hasslefree Miniatures. They've long time been a favorite company of mine, and produce some of the coolest figurines out there. They were great when I purchased from them a while back and even sent some "free" minis out to a friend of mine. That was pretty awesome of 'em! @UrathionBcn, I'm sure you'll eventually get your order. Happy painting

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    They've had a tough year but they generally have top notch customer service, on top of the personal problems dameon has had they've run a Kickstarter which came with the usual delays and problems, bearing in mind at this time it came down to just him working in the warehouse, even sleeping there through the winter months to get more done. I ordered from their Kickstarter and it got lost in the post, they sent out another box and even included extra models as an apology (even though it was not their fault and just what I order would have been fine). In the past I've ordered only to find they had a sale the day after and they sent me an extra mini that time too

    There are very few companies I would cut some slack for, if this was a huge company like games workshop for example if be all over their customer support trying to get it sorted, but hasslefree have been consistently good if a little slow at times. Sometimes your mail goes to their spam folder which is unfortunate but you can try a pm on Facebook too. I think they're still getting back on their feet after the Kickstarter and all the unfortunate events of the last year but I'm confident you will get your minis even if it turns out they got lost in transit they will almost certainly replace them

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