I have lost all faith in this company.
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Thread: I have lost all faith in this company.

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    Default I have lost all faith in this company.

    CMON has put out some really great games over the years. Wrath of kings is still one of my favorite systems and believe it has so much potential. There is such a huge community for it yet they dropped all support for it. All they care about is money and pumping out new games they will never support in the future. So glad I spent $200 on WoK stuff this last sale. FUCK c'mon, I will never buy a product or recommend their games to anyone ever again because in a year they wont be played. What a joke of a company.

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    I watched a podcast not so long ago about how WOK is actually in a good place. While it appears CMON has dropped support for the game, models are still available, and the game is balanced.

    A board game which is available to buy, is good fun, and is balanced, but hasn't had an expansion in a year or 10 is still great, but a table top game in the same situation is somehow not worth buying into and the company who created it are the scum of the earth for not releasing a new stuff....

    I'd like to see a pair of new armies invading the kings lands now the siblings are at war, and new units for all, but if they never come, I've still got a great game which is easy to teach others.

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    I argee with Mr Pie Chee. WoK has transitioned into boardgame category - lets face it. But - it did only for those who has two or more armies (complete or even comparable). Its like MtG when you stop participating in tournaments and buying new sets - you have a couple of decks and can flip the cards with your friend occasionally.

    It happens. What can we done. in fact - we can. Some community editions, fan campaign systems, fan missions, etc.

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