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    Well I've made a couple posts on here but not an official hello as of yet so, hello! I'm following the advice from some members about starting a WIP log to get a little feedback. I admit that opening up my painting table to the extremely talented eyes here is a little daunting so although I've been a member here a while, I've not had the courage to start this thread yet but here goes. I generally have a lot of projects on the go at any one time and I think this WIP thread might keep me a little more on track. My current project that I picked up today is Lady Olynder by GW. I want to go for a darker scheme than the official version so I started with a base of Incubi darkness followed by a wash/glaze of Nuln Oil/Lahmian medium, with the base colour down I've been doing an edge highlight of Sotek Green then a final highlight of Ulthuan Grey. I've done a test piece on a cheapy Glaivewraith Stalker, not particularly neat but you get the idea of the colouration
    Any thoughts?
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    Looks good. Only thing I would say it to blend the edge highlights in by using light glaze of the base coat

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    Welcome to the show. I'd recommend to have between the main coat and the highlighted sections a transition (e.g. blending of both colours)

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    I’m sure he’s not finished yet folks .however as of now it is a very marvellous looking glaivewrzitg!!! keeper going AJ

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    Go for it and simply realize that w I p are of kinds of works. 1) where one is looking to improve at the fastest way possible by WELCOMING the feedback of a number of diff artists some great , some advanced, some intermediate. Which ever feedback you think will help you along the route to painting the best figures possible is up to you . Be advised though if your asking for help then folks will give you just that. Keep what you like and omit what you don’t.
    the second type is where an artist ,although we all can always improve , this type is where the more advanced artist is not really looking for help but more over showing abs and sharing with everybody what one has been working on and this is to help others as well.

    go fo it , start it . The best way to go is just start it and keep constantly updating and this alone will help you improve . Welcome all and you’ll see very nice and steady progress in it.

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    Thanks for taking the time to view my WIP and replies guys. I've had a crack at glazing as Frogjimjaff suggested and I like the slightly less stark highlight, it looks a little more ethereal but only subtlely different in tone. Graishak I can see what you mean about the transitional point, I'll try an extra highlight between the base and the first highlight to see if that looks much better. This is why I love having a practice piece before attempting a large model! Thanks for stopping in BAM, I just want to say I welcome all feedback and I'm looking forward to trying out any techniques that will help me along as a painter, I've painted for years on and off but for the last couple my improvement has been small. I'd humbly consider myself an intermediate painter and I want to improve a little more, I guess that is what this WIP is, a log of how I improve as well as a tool to help me do so.


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    Forgot to attach the photo of the glazed model, here it is, thoughts? I've never bothered with a glaze before so unsure if this is the final article or if it needs another glaze.

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    Thanks for the suggestion Graishak. I've put an extra highlight in straight after the base coat using a band of 50/50 Incubi darkness/Sotek green, I prefer it to going straight into a highlight of Sotek green. I've also glazed the highlights as before and I'm happy with the result. The final highlight of Ulthuan grey is a little sloppy on this side but hey ho that's what test pieces are for! I'm also thinking the ulthuan grey is a little on the bright side but I'm npt quite sure yet
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    Happy to be of support. Looks better ;-)
    Go ahead - like BaM said - the more concrete you're asking the more detailed replies are going to look like in this forum.
    Any idea how to do the bones?
    I go in general (seeing that you're using GW colours too) for four different layers: Starting Rhinox Hide followed by Mournfang hide, getting higher with Zandri dust, finalizing with Screaming skull...
    if necessary and/or wished you can do the last highlighting with White Scar. I don't say that's the perfect way, at least I found this for me being kind of best practice for bones.
    If you like to use the shadings you could go for either reikland fleshshade (more rotten) or seraphim sepia (more bleached).

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    Looking really good man, if your thinking the grey is a little bright then you can always glaze it back with the sotek till your happy with it... or when building up the highlight add small increments of the grey to the sotek and slowly build up the highlight...
    what you’ve done looks great anyways so just keep doing what your doing!!!

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    Thanks for the replies guys, sorry for the delay in updates, been a bit off this week so not been very active on the painting front.
    Cheers Graishak I gave the bone method a quick go and like the colours, excuse the quick paint job, wanted to do a quick brush to plastic before bed!
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    I've been thinking of the highlight @Chaotic Creations but I've started to like it (carried out the same scheme on another test mini and I think my issue was more to do with the neatness!). I'll be starting Lady Olynder soon so I'll be updating in the next couple of days with that.
    Also got the distraction of the Armies on Parade dates announcment so will probably start with that soon!

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    Bone looks great buddy. Nice work, and good luck with Olynder! I've heard she's a bit of a mare to paint.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Foxtail View Post
    Bone looks great buddy. Nice work, and good luck with Olynder! I've heard she's a bit of a mare to paint.
    Cheers dude, I might have to crack out the airbrush for at least the basecoat, any texture on that model from a poorly thinned brushstroke will spoil it I reckon!

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    Nice little test mini. The bone looks good, but does currently come across as a tad golden in the photos. I like the dark scheme of the cloak and the glaze definitely was an improvement.

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    Cheers KruleBear, the gold tinge I think may have come from the lamp I was under (warm halogen). I've done a bit more on the mini for a bit of fun tonight, just some work on the weapon and haft.
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    Pretty sure the gold tinge is associated with the light, looks better under natural light

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    Bones look pretty good :-) As well as the rusty weapon.
    Looking forward to see further progress!

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    Cheers Graishak, for a quick test piece I'm starting to get a bit attached to this guy, might have to paint the rest of the box before I crack on with Olynder

    Then of course my AOP entry to get working on, going to get my new Sylvaneth army finished up for it
    Quick piccy for fun

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    Love those sylvaneth. The pink flowers suite muted tones really well.

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    Thanks for the compliment mate! Just got to tidy a few bits up and get the bases done

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