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    Honestly the spot color looks great as it’s a yellow orange and that is complimentary as a color to the blue.if you wanted to take a step further ,not necessary , but if you use your complimentary color and make a harmony triangle example for example if you want a third point of contact for the trims on the shoulder pad you could use that same color on the chest eagle.

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    Walking in... "coughing"... woo hoo... dusty here.
    AJ, what's up? Stuck with the new job? ;-)

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    Ey up! Well a quick apology first up, new job has kept me pretty busy and I've not got as much painting in as I was hoping. But saying that, I got a few nice additions over Christmas that I'll post in the next few days for perusal, also I got my birthday at the end if Feb so even more stuff can go into the non-painted pile, woop!

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    Kick ass job on that space marine... very neat painting!!!

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    Well that didn't work out! I have actually managed to get a little more consistent painting time recently and have just acquired a shed load of minis to crack on with (thanks to the wife fuelling my addiction!).
    My aim to finish as soon as I can, I fancy a quick and easy base, wash, detail army so flesh eater courts first
    Name:  20190226_170911.jpg
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    Also a quick photo of my chosen scheme for my conquest marines, Mantis warriors

    Name:  15512013597877481073696494324821.jpg
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    And first test model of carrion empire coming along
    Name:  20190226_182038.jpg
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    It's going in the direction I wanted, I was going for a monochromatic look with the only true colour on the models being the blood splatter. Happy so far with the blood splatter but I think I need a little more definition on the skin tones

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    Nice to see you back on track my friend :-)
    Some promising projects are started. Personally I'm looking forward to see more of the flesh eaters. Welcome back!

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    Cheers man, good to be back! Going to try and blitz out 10 crypt horrors tomorrow, start on something else after for a treat

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    Well that was a slow few months, nothing like armies on parade to get me back on track! A quick test WIP

    Name:  20190827_220840.jpg
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    Welcome back to business :-)
    Nice to see, that we're sharing passion for the gitz!

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    Yeah I've gone for a challenge, I already got 60 grots painted alongside a spider. Got 30 odd squigs to paint up alongside doing the board. Need to re base the grots but I got an idea for that

    Name:  20190903_084442.jpg
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    And a quick WIP of the base level painting of the squig hoppers, 7 mostly done with 3 more to crank out today, then I might treat myself to a troggoth

    Name:  20190903_103442.jpg
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    Which kind of troggoth?

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    The big dankhold troggoth, though I might get my sneaky snufflers painted first, that will be the most tedious because of all the fiddly mushrooms

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    The dankhold is a big project, enjoy.
    By the way, may I do one remark on your hoppaz. If you got a chance to use some glue to get rid of those connection lines it might improve the overall impression on those minis:

    Name:  Unbenannt.JPG
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    Yeah man I hear ya, those connection points were admittedly missed because I realised how much I still needed to do to get this AOP ready. One thing I'll say is the photo makes it look far worse than it is but I might try and lighten up where the wash has darkened it. It's so useful posting photos, other people always see what I can't with the model in front of me!

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    Name:  20190923_161147.jpg
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    So many damn mushrooms on this thing

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    Just pretend you like mushrooms and it should go by much easier! Nice start to the troll, I like that greyish purple

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    Squig hoppers look great, like that you've done for a different colour than the norm. Nice work

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