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    Okay it's been a while since my last post, just been plugging on with the glade guard that just need a bit of touching up
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    And got Drycha Hammadreth on the go as well, most of the basecoat is down, just got to get a load of drybrushing done and the details on then that's another ticked off
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    Feels good to be painting grey and pink again!
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    Full working pipeline ahead of you mate :-)
    Looking forward to see this progressing further!

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    Yeah it's getting there man, I got all this weekend to get cracked on and every night up until next so here's hoping! The board is carved, just needs painting and detailing

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    A quick update on the board progress, poly filla is almost dry and waiting for paint, tomorrow the flock can go onName:  20181006_154702.jpg
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    Next update? 4 days left :-)
    Don't wanna put pressure on you buddy, but I recently finsihed my last piece :-P

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    Wow! now you're on pace :-)
    So you're making usage of the "lifetime"! Looking forward to see this moving.

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    The board looks superb buddy! Keep at it

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    Gonna be pulling an all nighter, board is done, just some models to finish up
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    Go go go :-) !!! Final countdown.
    My board already arrived this afternoon at the GW store.

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    Boom got it in at 10:10 this morning! Had an awesome night with my wife helping me painting until 02:45. She's been a totally amazing partner in this and has done some awesome painting for me.

    The finished article
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    Marvellous work! Good luck for the competition :-)

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    Can not bloody believe it! Best painted in Age of Sigmar category and silver over all!!!

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    Congratulations! Good work, well appreciated :-)

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    Hahaha awesome work AJ!!!!

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    Cheers guys! Obligatory medal and certificate shot!

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    Well done dude. It’s a great board and it’s been great watching you work on it.

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