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    Walking on fluffy ground
    Nice progress.

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    Cheers for the comments Graishak and CC, so the deadline for the competition has kind of snuck up on me so although this mini isn't 100% finished I'll be handing in as below tomorrow. I've really enjoyed this little project and I think I have my colour scheme for a pile of Stormcasts I have sitting around. Also have tried a couple new techniques for painting and basing so whatever happens, dead chuffed so far! Cheers for all your support and comments guys, this place is sweet!
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    Well unsurprisngly the unfinished model didn't win but I really don't mind. There were some pretty sweet entries and as far as I can tell I still came in at number 2, not bad for a test piece amd I had a blast painting it. Even though it's not fully finished yet . . .

    . . .Okay next project! So the deadline for armies on parade is set at 13th of October which leaves me just over a month to get an army finished and the board completed. Should be fun, here's what I have now

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    A quick photo of my rank and file because why not!
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    A quick plan of the Sylvaneth portion of the army, just need to add in the Wanderer faction
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    I like the way you’ve composed the scene. I have a soft spot for the sylvaneth so I’m looking forward to seeing your completed board

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    oh yeah... seems like we're racing buddy :-)
    So you have as well some work in front of you.
    Looking forward to see how this is progressing.

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    Jim - Cheers dude, got a few bits to spruce up on the Sylvaneth and a big chunk of models to paint for their allies.

    Foxtail - Thanks dude, I've settled on a minor change round by having a raised cliff on the rear right of the board to balance the ruin a little but I'm happy with how it looks so far

    Graishak - It's on! I only realised last night how much I still have to paint! I have 16 Glade guard, 10 Eternal guard, 10 Wild riders and a forest dragon I don't even have yet! Not to mention the board . . .

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    Looks like a great start on the layout/composition. And those bits of wood will work brilliantly.

    It's my local GW stores 30th anniversary that weekend as well, which I am unfortunately away for as the manager was trying to rope me into doing one of these. Suspect I would love doing the scenery and then lose the motivation somewhere on the second mini ...

    Looking forward to seeing how this progresses! Good luck!

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    Cheers for popping in Hairster! The board is still just a board as I'm really freakin' behind! I've only just started my first wanderers test model!
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    Okay starting to get there with a good colour scheme to sit alongside my sylvaneth, what do you guys think?
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    I like the color scheme - reminds me to outlaw/ranger style of Robin Hood & Friends :-)

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    Cheers Graishak, I gotta say I kinda found it difficult to pull the wanderers into the sylvaneth army without making the colour scheme look gaudy, I think I've just about managed it but the real test will be when it's finished

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    You got this- after all if your a trophy freak like myself you’ll set your sights on getting them done to earn those beutifularmies on parade medallion- go git em AJ the paint gods are with yo!!! Btw beitufylpainting on the rangers!!!

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    Cheers for popping in BaM! Yeah those medallions are my target for sure, that's not to say I'm not enjoying painting these guys, now I've got a colour scheme down I'm really enjoying painting them up.

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    Any progress on your board to show?

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    Yeah not so much mate! I'm trying to get through my glade guard for now, one down and fifteen to go, got a better idea of what I'm doing though, will probably start carving the foam tomorrow when I get some better tools (eg a carving knife). For now though
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    The area moving from the blocks at the back will be a river, to the right behind the treelord will be the wildwood rangers and on the ruin will be the glade guard. I have an insane amount of work to do dude!

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    Looking good so far. As you stated... that's a big pile of work in front of you. Do you think it is feasible to effort it until mid of October?
    I'd hardly find sleep at night ;-) Maybe you should shrink scope for AoP this year?

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    Yeah in all seriousness I'm really just aiming to get the glade guard done and the board sorted, better than having unfinished models to display

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