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    Cheers Foxtail, I'm already planning next years board, thinking Kharadron Overlords skyport!

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    Congrats on an awesome board. Nice recognition.

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    Cheers Krulebear, always a pleasure!

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    Okay got a mini project on the go, I'm think Kharadron overlords next years AOP (this years result has me buzzing quite a bit!). So I'm trying a mini diorama for an Aetheric navigator to try out some paint schemes

    So far a quick under coat and a display plinth start

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    Yeah man! You won't be under time pressure at all, once you're already getting things started now :-)
    Nice idea to do a "test-drive" with a mini-diorama. As I really liked your board I'm already excited to see this developing...

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    Congrats on the AoP win! managed to miss the previous post somehow. really well done and great fun getting it finished up by the sounds of things.

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    Graishak - Just because I'm getting an idea now doesn't mean I won't be up the night before the deadline again, that was awesome!

    Hairster - Cheers man! Yeah was a lot of fun, always nice to see a plan come together and get recognition for your work

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    Super close up of a bit of rust weathering
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    You KNOOOW IM ALL ABOUT THAT!!!!!! Good stuff good stuff!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AJ Tudor View Post
    Graishak - Just because I'm getting an idea now doesn't mean I won't be up the night before the deadline again, that was awesome!
    I hear you... sometimes we have "under pressure" the best results.

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    Cheers BaM, gotta say I am trying to emulate your weathering techniques to a certain extent, just had a crack at the bronze areas but not sure about the weathering, any advice?

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    I myself would make the recesses with the rust a bit more intense. If you happen to have a rust brown or an orange brown. In random places in those recesses would do the trick. F it by any chance looks too bold knock it back down with a thinned wash of Agra’s or something similar - great job on him !!!

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    As far as the bronze -to simulate Verdegri I like to mix a bit of HAWK TOURQUIUSE -Into my nihilakh oxide this way it shows up more intense when washed into the recesses.

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    Pretty much what BAM said, I always find the GW Nihilakh a bit pale for my liking.

    I have mixed Vallejo Light Turquise and Escorpina Green in the past with a bucketful of glaze medium to create a richer more translucent mix that you can control the application of a bit better.

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    Cheers for the responses guys, sorry for the lack of reply on my part, been busy with interviews for a new job (start in January!) and not done much painting recently. So I'm cracking on with my diorama, just need to pick up some plasticard on Monday. In the meantime I'm intensifying the weathering like you both suggested, I'm happy with the brown rust and just cracking on with the verdigris see if I can tidy it up a little.

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    Hey AJ, I'd say a new job is much more important than painting minis... I'm sure, once you're settled with the new situation, you'll return back to the brushes.
    But thanks for keeping us in loop

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    Yeah too true Graishak, lucky for me I have a few weeks between jobs now so I forsee some pretty pure painting days in the future. To get myself back in I painted up a quick marine to trial a new paint scheme, thoughts?
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    Love it - what’re else is there to say smoothe as a babies bottom!!!

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    Cheers man! Gonna weather it when I'm happy with the scheme overall. Not sure aboit the pad trims, I like the orange as a spot colour but can't help feeling it's a little on the bright side

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