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    Just a suggestion...

    I noticed that the forum topics are being heavily utilized in General Discussions rather than spread across related topics. I was wondering maybe having the following topics would introduce more discussions and better categorization of topics would be good:

    News and Announcements --------------------:What's happening, Painting Convention news, etc.
    Works In Progress -----------------------------:Show us what your doing
    Paints and Primers-----------------------------:All things paint and primers
    Brushes and Airbrushes------------------------:From brushing techniques to what brush to use and airbrushing techniques and compressors
    Fantasy Miniatures----------------------------:Topics related to Fantasy genre figures up to 40mm scale, from how do I paint this to what's new
    Sci-Fi Miniatures-------------------------------:Topics related to Sci-Fi genre figures up to 40mm scale, from how do I paint this to what's new
    Modern/Historical Miniatures--------------------:Topics related to modern to historical genre figures up to 40mm scale, from how do I paint this to what's
    Busts-----------------------------------------:Questions or Tutorials on a single bust, any genre, 1/12 to 1/6 scale
    Dioramas--------------------------------------:Questions or Tutorials on diorama creations, any genre, up to 90mm scale mounted on a scenic base
    Basing-----------------------------------------:Topics related to creating a base. Techniques, tools, products, etc.
    Sculpting--------------------------------------:Topics related to sculpting, tools, techniques, etc.
    Marketplace-----------------------------------:Everything for sale, trade, advertise for commission, plugs for your website, etc.
    Feedback, Bugs, Suggestions-------------------:Anything can help
    Off Topic--------------------------------------:Topics unrelated to miniatures

    I understand this may be a big undertaking. It may be possible to keep some original topics, and maybe just rename others. Or just start adding the above topics. It seems some sections can just be removed or at least move the threads. But with things changing year after year, it seems like this would be a good time to improve things.

    I only suggest it because about 30% of all posts are stuffed in the "General Discussion" section. It makes it easy for someone's recent post to get lost onto the next page because of some other threads being posted.
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    I don't think opening a few new catalogs is a big undertaking, the above would take maybe 30 min to do with most forum motors.

    The question is why do it? There are about 20-30 members active, for that many people fragmenting the topics is irrelevant.
    (also some of what you suggested are already there: Works in Progress = Work in Progress and Project Logs, News and Suggestions = News items, Marketplace=Trading Post, Feedback...= cmon/feedback)
    the rest (paints-primers to sculpting + offtopic) could be done, but for example:
    - Modern/Historical miniatures: would have about 1 thread from Bailey03 aaand that's all. Updated if he wants to update it besides the WIP thread.

    To be honest for the last 2-3 years I'm surprised that the Gallery and the forums still exists. CMON's biggest income are boxed board games atm, the rest... just remains / dead weigth)
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    If the forum thinks this is fine for 20-30 active members, that might be the extent this forum will grow. If it's more useful to have this when there are 500, 1000 or 2000+ active members, then it should be accommodating. After how long this forum has existed, I don't think the forum will grow unless there is change. It's like the old saying, "If you keep doing what you are doing, you'll keep getting what you're getting."

    I'm not saying that all my topics should be used. But looking that the topics now, it seems obvious that some are not being used at all already. I just listed what I thought would be good for all topics listed, which is why there is some already listed.

    I just ran some stats, comparing it with another forum:
    Members: 101,313
    Active Members: 1,012
    Online: 132 (8 members, 124 guests)

    Other Forum:
    Members: 8,561
    Active Members: number not provided
    Online: 466 (54 members, 412 guests)

    Considering the numbers, it does support your surprise that it exists at all.
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    hmm, nice stats I have no idea where to see it, but for me the most important part: "8 members" = those who are logged in + regularly post. Altough during the night here (Eu) it goes a bit higher as the painters in the US are still awake and have time to paint during the evening.
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    The stats for the forum are at the bottom of the page at the home of the forum.

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    2/117 users online now are members lol, it's not that it would behave to add more sections or trim off some unused ones but this place isn't very busy anymore and it seems like cmon doesn't do a whole lot to promote the forums or the gallery anymore, they just pump out games through Kickstarter.

    I'd love it if this place got more populated again but with stuff like Facebook and Instagram these days forums aren't as popular,you reach a wider audience elsewhere

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    I agree. If they rebuild this social platform, it actually may increase revenue.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sicks View Post
    they just pump out games through Kickstarter.
    Sounds like a cheap way to do business. Get the consumer to pay for the production of the game and then charge them again to buy it.
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    To be fair, if you back it on Kickstarter you get the game for a discounted price but have to wait. However by now they probably have enough money to not have to crowd fund every game but that's a different discussion, the forums could do with a major overhaul imo but it doesn't seem like there's enough people around for them to bother with it, even their sections for their own games seem pretty quiet

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