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    So, Games Workshop's newly developed Nighthaunt range has intrigued me and inspired me to try a new challenge: painting monochrome ghosts.

    To this end I picked up a Tomb Banshee model to try out the idea and see if I had the ability to make it work.

    A few nights later (it is important to paint ghosts at night for reasons) and this is how I am getting on.

    These photos are a little off colour due to the electric light, but I have used exclusively back white and grey paints from the GW range to try and create different textures in different areas. Note - the model is far from complete I am fully aware that her corset/breast plate and collar need painting and the outer layer of the skirt isn:'t finished yet. But I thought I would share with you all to see if I could pick up any tips for where I should be looking to go with this model and get some feedback on my current progress.

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    I've painted a few monochrome minis and I think you need bigger difference in the materials.
    Right now it's really hard to see the details of the mini.

    What I mean is:
    - Arms + face a LOT lighter
    - Robes more to the middle grey
    - hair in this case can stay black/dark
    - armor... originally I'd say dark, but the way the robe/hair frame it it might work better if it is also light like the arm/face.
    - base if also hard... Best would be the middle-grey, but than it's too similar to the robes. As a ghost it might be good OR you'd need to choose between leaving it almost black (some fine edges) or go really light (like sand/limestone)

    One of the cheats in mono minis is that you don't really cover more than 25% of an area with the highlights/shadows.
    For example on the Arm/Face I'd do an uniform light base (offwhite/white), then shade with the middle grey making sure I cover about 25% of less with that. Right now the fingers/inside of the arm is simply too dark for that area.
    Similarly for the robes. The back looks ok (altought a few light edges could improve it), but on the pic showing the front the base grey color is lost in the black shadows/light highlights.

    also some recommended resources:
    - Miniature Mentor - Monochrome Techniques from Jennifer Haley (worth the price, but also saw it on torrent a few years ago)
    - Game Forces Magazine 20
    - YouTube - Scale75 Channel - Black-White Paintset video (free)
    - I thought Figure Painter Magazine had one article too, but can't find if or in which one of the 48.
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    Thanks for the advice, looking at it again the photo is really not doing the model justice I will try taking some more later in better light.

    I'm actually planning to do the base in colour.

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    Pretty cool doing monochrome iv always like the idea of it but never tried it, something you dont normally see. Are you going to do more?

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    Can we get a photo under natural light? Even though ghosts should be in the dark by your logic

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    Here's a couple of shots in better light, I haven't made much progress since the original photos, but you can see more definition between the areas here.

    Cheers for looking.

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    Yeah looks good man, you can see the definition far better. I'd echo Maxs comment here and have a bigger contrast for the different areas. Kudos for having a crack at a technique that can be hard to pull off!


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    What definitely doesn't come over from the photos is the gloss effect on the hair that I got by using the Bulb Oil Gloss from GW, which helps set it apart from the other areas.

    I'll keep playing around with it.

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