Space Wolves one of the first try...
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Thread: Space Wolves one of the first try...

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    Default Space Wolves one of the first try...

    Hi guys,

    Finished my first Space Wolves squad and one Thunderwolf...I know it isn't perfect but well I tried
    need comments, criticism and feedback to get more motivation for a better result
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    They look great particularly for the table. Hmmm now if I had to give advice or commentary , ide go for something that’s easy and practical that you can use immediately on your models and won’t take long. 1) ide add a bit more of reiklanders flesh (not thinned down at all) and ide lay it in the the recesses of the face directly ..ide also rehighlught the brows lune and the bridge of the nose with your lightest highlight color and add some pink or red pink to the lower lip.

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    Thank you BloodASmedium for you comments appreciate this!
    Here some more finished thunderwolf cavalry and wolf lord - C&C welcomed a lot.
    More minis waiting ahead

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