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    Default 170mm Terminator build

    So have no finally finished scratch building a 140mm Kharn the Betrayer I am starting a new project. Sticking with the giant Space Marine theme, I have decided to have a go at a Terminator in the same scale. For reference I am using the pic below as a guide and am hoping to get as close to this as possible. What I am struggling with is deciding what weapons to give him so any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    This is what I am aiming for. Not sure if i I’ll kerp it Deathwing or go for another chapter (Blood Angels perhaps) Name:  64CEF66A-D769-4410-9B98-06606420BB2C.jpeg
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    So far so good. Got the legs rougheed in, still another layer to go onto the shins to bulk out the front. Also got the breast plate started. Still no clue in what weapons to use.

    Name:  3954FBFB-E3CE-4120-8CA1-B41D62F9AA03.jpeg
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    Made a little more progress today. Really happy with how this is coming on. Gives me a greater understanding of builders. It looks neat on the outside but the inner bits look rough as.

    Name:  BB0C1591-2DE0-4489-83EC-E14E3406933D.jpeg
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    Today’s progress. Made the blanks for the feet, built the waist and tidied up the carapace then went on to build the pauldrons and arms before starting on the helmet (he will have a neck). Thanks for all the feedback. So far the most popular choice is assault cannon and powerfist. (Might add a grenade launcher to the powerfist like the classic terminator captain).

    Name:  41E53B2B-7A2E-4FDE-A0D5-A94F53EB4EF8.jpeg
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    Good start, the roof sections wonkey this is throwing off the vents at the back so address that then you can back fill the top roof vent where it joins the roof section, the hand seems a little small, you may have to bite the bullet ditch the resin hand and.....freehand it lol. I found the easiet way of doing the vents was to make staight pieces {strips} overlay the vents then back fill the gaps, gives a cleaner cut look.
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    Thanks cassar. Will sort that out. I have completely rebuilt the head as the previous version was awfullooked like Darth Vader by Picasso. Took some tweaking to get it right but am happier with the result. Finished building the feet and added another layer to the chest as it was looking a bit skinny.

    Name:  4CB29D8B-65E2-4708-95E6-9234EC98B3CA.jpeg
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    I have also also started work on the power fist. The parts are still curing before grinding and sanding to shape. Will post some pics when it is further along.

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    You are off to a great start. I have much admiration for both the artistry and craftmanship of these large ministure.

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    Thanks Krulebear. They are great fun to build, fun but time consuming and painstaking.

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    It’s been a while since I last posted so sorry if you are following the build. There has been lots of progress. I got the Tassets built, as well as both arms including one with a powerfist. I built the Assault Cannon but version one was too skinny. After a tip from cassar I rebuilt it now it looks far meaner. The legs are now join d with the ribbed sections sculpted bthikenee the belt and built the basic pauldrons. It’s almost at the point where I have to decide if I want to make a silicone mould. Name:  D9B5C7BC-6916-47E5-B027-6FD581F2BA3B.jpeg
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    Looking good, man. That's coming along super nicely.
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    Progress update. Firstly I will be using this as s master and am making a silicone mould in order to reproduce it in Resin.

    Since my kast post I have tweaked the assault cannon and built the ammo magazine.

    Name:  49EB8111-5C24-4EAB-982D-F997A249A062.jpeg
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    As as I am making a mould, some bright spark suggested I make more generic arms which could be used to make a greater variety. Here is the result.
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    Made some more progress today. First attempt at sculpting script. Really happy with the result. Name:  47F796F1-8A3D-46BE-94B7-3DDF45DD117B.jpeg
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    It’s been a busy week. There has been a brief hiatus in the build while I got and used everything I needed to make moulds of the core components. It’s fresh out of the mould with minimal clean up but very happy. (Terminator for scale)

    Name:  F12F13E8-4FD2-410B-8A83-58CC0975A7A9.jpeg
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    Managed (after mould making, and man flu) to get back to construction of my 170mm Terminator. Now it’s the start of the decorative touches. (Regular Terminator for scale)Name:  D701BEEF-F442-42F6-8202-EFE751A8DE5B.jpg
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    Another massively impressive large scale marine. Always inspiring buddy, glad your keeping up with him.

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    And finally finished. Also built a closed powerfist and storm bolter option

    Name:  B1A23B84-E280-46A8-BC97-12AE6F39BC1D.jpeg
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    And now painted.

    Name:  82E2D88D-9918-48C1-BFBB-D60491481A02.jpeg
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    Awesome work man. Never get tired of seeing these large scale marines

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    Quote Originally Posted by Foxtail View Post
    Awesome work man. Never get tired of seeing these large scale marines

    Thanks Foxtail. I am somewhat obsessed with them. I just started a Wolfguard Terminator. The WIP should be up soon.

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