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Thread: [H] Rivet Wars lot [W] Paypal/cash

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    Default [H] Rivet Wars lot [W] Paypal/cash

    Have the following unused:
    Terrain Pack x3
    Spearhead x2
    Battle of Brighton
    Jet packer x2
    Art Book
    Blitzkrieg box x2
    Clockwork soldiers x2
    The Treasure Hunter
    MacLeods Guards vs Baron Munchen Guards
    M3 Vertical Tank vs Landkrieger
    Elsa Frost vs Cher Ami
    Heavy Metal
    Sturmrad vs M7 Boss
    War room x2
    Red Baron x2
    Reme Funck x2
    Tile Set
    Rivet Wars Eastern Front (base set) x2

    Unopened, attempting to sell the entire lot as a whole. Preference given to interest in Phoenix-Tucson
    metro area, but will ship to interested buyer (it is bulky).

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