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Thread: Help painting sylvanas skin

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    Question Help painting sylvanas skin

    Hey all , i'm new to painting and modeling and i would like some help
    i got a sylvanas figure and i'm trying to painted it but i'm confused painting the skin , can someone give me some instruction on what paints i would be need (my local store have vallejo paints)
    to get the right colors of the skin?
    I'm posting also a photo of what the module looks like
    Name:  Sylvanas-BattleForAzeroth.jpg
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    I'd go as normal skin but with a bit of added purple.
    So something like: VMC-Ivory (because it's always good to have this in everything), VGC-Hexed Lichen or Imperial Purple (I'd rather use the Hexed one. From there it's easy to get the other with a bit of blue if needed), and of course some skin color (Heavy Skintone, Basic Flesh, Light Flesh, etc).
    Ohh and for such a desaturated purple there is a good VGC paint too: Heavy Warm-grey (purplish grey)

    great alternative would the Nocturna's "Malefic Flesh Set" (also made by vallejo).
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    Thank you MAXXxxx for your , help order your paint suggestion and waiting for the delivery

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    Hi again , sorry for bugging out , but can you help again for tips can vallejo colors on painting that skin of sylvannas at

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    There is a little tool called powerpalette from reaper:

    it gives back the approximate reaper colors, then you'd need to convert it to vallejo ( ).

    From the video it looks a more saturated blue with purple shadows (very different from the first pic). The PP gives the following colors for skin:
    - shadow: 09024 Amethist Purple --> about VGC 72142 Heavy Purple / VGC Imperial Purple (016) / VMC BlueViolet (960)
    - base: 29832 Concrete Grey / 09090 Misty Grey --> nothing really, but looks close to VGC Sombre Grey (048) / VMC Oxford Blue (807)
    - highlight: 09063 Ghost White --> VGC Ghost Grey (046) / VMC Flat Aluminum (993)

    used this screencap for the PowerPalette:
    Name:  syl.jpg
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    Forgot, that it works again.

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