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    explain Nuba: where it is stated in the rules that the cavalry, vehicles and tanks can walk on duckboards?

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    It is not stated in the rules that anything cannot be on duckboards. It is also not stated in the rules that anything is the only thing allowed on duckboards. The only way duckboards affect the game is in the usage of certain special abilities (At the moment, just runner I believe) as well as Action cards and secret mission cards that mention either duckboards or mud in the usage of them. Otherwise, they don't truly affect gameplay.

    - Infantry Runner Ability
    - Action or Secret Mission Cards may reference them

    If you need proof other unit types can be on duckboards feel free to check out the Rivet Wars Youtube channel where official play throughs of the game are located. Feel free to subscribe to show your support of the game.


    Also in the use of scenarios. There are some special scenarios around that can use duckboards to alter game rules. I have seen one where one player is unable to move units anywhere but the duckboards. I've seen one where all special abilities only work while on duckboards/objectives. Etc etc. However Scenario rules are often changing rules of the main game.
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