Optimal amount of NCU's for Lannister
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Thread: Optimal amount of NCU's for Lannister

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    Default Optimal amount of NCU's for Lannister

    While testing different army concepts I varied the number of NCU's.

    For me the armies worked best with 3 NCU for following reasons:
    -Lannister way to get cheap activation (Stark have their Direwolfs)
    -Opponents only pack 2 NCU so you don't have the 3rd NCU competing for the last slot on the tactic board
    -The effects you get from the tactic board and NCU can support a critical part on the battlefiels in exactly the right moment to secure victory

    What are your thoughts about the optimal number of NCU and NCU influence to the outcome of a game in general?

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    It does seem like most people are bringing two NCUs. If your opponent brings two the third one gives you a tactics board advantage, but probably over the spot on the tactics board that is least valuable that turn. That third NCU does allow you to put pressure on the opponent as they have to get on the tactics board before you take all the good spots. If your opponent brings three NCUs as well, you have now spent points on assets that you won’t always get to use(but so have they). I would only take 3 NCUs in a list that had an NCU commander. Otherwise I think it’s two many points invested in the tactics board.

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    I'm going for 3 NCUs at the moment as well
    But only with Lannisters.

    Cercei, pycelle and tyrion with jamie as commander.


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    For the Lannister's, I feel like 2 NCU's is a must, and 3 is something to strongly consider, especially with Bolton or the high Sparrow as commanders. The only way I'm using 1 NCU is in a 30-40pt game with The mountain as the commander. With the Mountain in smaller games, I want almost all my points tied into units. I also have to say Cercei is an auto-include for me when using 2-3 NCU's and with a Lannister army, she can just deal so much panic damage. If I'm only using one NCU then I want Varys or Baelish.

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