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    Any advice on how to paint tricky to reach areas? Some of the areas I'm trying to paint seem impossible to reach with any accuracy. I'm guessing there must be some way of doing it?

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    One method is to paint those areas first so that if the brush slips, then the mistakes get painted over later

    Good luck


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    Depending on the model, you may be able to paint in sub-assemblies. E.g if you’ve got a guy with a gun held across the chest, attach the arms/gun after the chest is painted. Do you have a specific model you’re having issues with?

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    If you can't see it, it doesn't need to be painted.

    I always look at it like this:
    Who, besides yourself, will be scrutinizing it in such detail?
    Is it for a contest, or competition?

    If the answers are no one, and no, then don't paint those tricky areas. If I must, I'll put a base coat and leave it in almost all cases.
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    Sometimes it helps me to stabilise the brush by holding the end in my mouth.
    (that’s the non working/dry end of course)
    It helps to reduce the potential for shakiness, but means you have to prep the paint properly with retarder.
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