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    Default Need help finding Kingdom Hearts models

    Hi all,

    I am looking for a model from the Kingdom Hearts series that I am going to paint up as a gift for a friend. It seems unlikely that actual miniatures from the series excist, so I am looking for a garage kit, toy or actual miniature that I can kitbash or alter somehow. I do not really know the franscise, so all advice is appreciated!

    The following characters have been suggested:

    Roxas seD6QS2867wDA&q=roxas&oq=roxas&gs_l=img.12...0.0.0 .33104. .0....0.9BWKai9lr4w#imgrc=SzrEAThz7M1ahM:


    Aqua sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwipgdXggeLcAhViMZoKHSIBDtwQ_AUICigB &biw=1600&bih=769

    And these little things isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjd17PugeLcAhUOxqYKHRlLDXMQ_AU ICigB&biw=1600&bih=769#imgrc=KVbOFzTZPofsHM:

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    I'd suggest looking through site for similar figures. Sadly there is no search through features (blue hair, etc).
    Hmm at one point they had the official PVC figures:

    It takes a bit (possibly a lot) of work, but you could hunt down 3d models of the characters (just search for example "kingdom hearts Aqua MMD model download").
    MMD is a 3d format, where the model already has the bones for posing. Most of the time the geometry is not too detailed, but usable.
    It's worth looking for a better model. I've seen MMD models that consisted of a few hundred polygons (with a filesize less than a MB) to really detailed ones, where you needed almost no rework (latest example Aloy V2 for Horizon Zero Dawn, 171MB)
    You might need to tweak the model with zbrush for example (the hard/lot of work part)
    Then 3d print through a service or friend.

    For example one Aqua MMD model:
    heartless seem hard to find:
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    Thanks Max... gives me something to go on, at least.

    This might be a bit more work than I was aiming for! I don't know a thing aboyt 3D models! :O

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    Picked up that Lulu from Final Fantasy was also a good deal. This is hard!

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