Abilities connected with "D3"
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    Default Abilities connected with "D3"

    There are many Abilities in connection with the term "D3". Please can somebody explain to me how does this work exactly?

    - Brynden Tully - Regroup:
    Each time this unit makes a Retreat Action it may restore up to D3 +1 wounds.

    - Gregor Clegane - Unstoppable Fury:
    When this unit makes a Melee Attack it deals D3 ​additional wounds.

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    There is no definition of what D3 is and perhaps this should be in the Game Terms section. However, the D3 is listed under game components. It is the six sided die that comes with the Starter set and labelled 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 3. In most other games that use D3, you'd take a regular D6 and half the score (rounding up).

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    Oh dear, think I should pay more attention to the several Game components. Thought the white die is just a normal one. Actually I'm used to have just the three sided D3 Dice.
    Anyway, got it now, after the appropriate action has been completed, just use the white D3 die.
    Thanks for the hint, appreciate, cheers

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