Grey Wind vs Halberdiers’ Set for Charge Order
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Thread: Grey Wind vs Halberdiers’ Set for Charge Order

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    Default Grey Wind vs Halberdiers’ Set for Charge Order

    First tactics post! I hope to see tons more here! :-)

    What to do if you want to charge the Halberdiers (especially when you see Jamie Lannister within the unit tempting you to get a charge off at them first) and you see that they have that annoying Set for Charge ( essentially a first strike ability) Order?

    The key here is that they can only use it if they are unengaged and are charged from the front. Of course, if you can get a charge off to their flank or rear, you don’t have to worry about this order but realistically, it is pretty hard to do especially when your opponent sees your toughest units coming anywhere near them!

    This is where Grey Wind or Summer would be of great use!

    Have Grey Wind or Summer charge to the flank or rear of the Lannister Halberdiers unit and this will set them up for a frontal charge by the unit of your choice without having to worry about their order. Ideally, you would wait to do this until after the Halberdier unit has activated.

    To the Iron Throne!

    T W

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    I think that is a valid tactic and I like it even better with Summer and the Bran and Hodor attachment. I originally thought the Halberdiers were going to be my favorite Lannister unit and I could do some serious hammer and anvil tactics with them, but after multiple battles with them, I almost feel like they are a squishy unit, and really don't hold the line very well. I like the Guardsman unit to do that much better and the mountains men are superior offensively. Honestly I feel like there are many ways to flank a Halberdier and on two occasions I have had my halberdiers wiped out by flanking attacks from Stark outriders or Bolton Cutthroats before they were even able to counter attack. In fact I had them wiped out once by a frontal assault by Bolton cutthroats after a Panic token was dropped on me by Roose Bolton and a tactics card was used (can't remember which one). Also and I cant stress this enough, Cavalry should almost always be able to flank infantry if used properly and especially if you do not have cavalry supporting. The point being the Halberdiers are very beatable and if your Lannister, just sitting there waiting for someone to attack you from the front is very bad strategy. In fact I feel like more often than not you end up having to charge with the Halbradiers first to prevent them from being out flanked. Overall I will still be playing the Halberdiers and trying to figure them out, but initially I feel like there main strength is to easy to work around, and other units are better either offensively or defensively.

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    Sounds like a logical tactic, I'll definitely use that if I get a chance.

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    I use my halberdiers in the centre. Put Guardmen to the flanks to protect them. But I agree. Once they get stuck in they do not last. Good use of cards and tactics board shore can them up some.

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