Neutral Commander: whose tactic deck?
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Thread: Neutral Commander: whose tactic deck?

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    Default Neutral Commander: whose tactic deck?

    When I choose Roose Bolton as commander for my Stark army, do I use the generic Stark or Bolton tactic deck in addition to Roose's special tactic cards? May I choose which I want to use?

    Thanks for helping.

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    It's a Stark army so you use Stark cards plus Closes as he is commander.

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    To give more exact answer, this is covered in rule book page 25:

    Black box in that page states:
    - Neutral units may also be played as their own Faction [...] their army may only include Neutral Units and Attachments.

    Construct Tactics Deck -chapter on that page states following:
    - [...] gather your Faction's Tactics Deck [...]

    Thus from these two points one can deduct that you only get to take Neutral Faction Tactics Deck cards only when playing with 100% Neutral Faction units and attachments only.

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    As mentioned, Faction determines you Tactics Deck, not your Commander.
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