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    Dragons lair is going to host a Song of ice and fire game night , also several other stores have expressed interest. if your from the Austin Texas area let me know and give me an email so I can update you on where and when the game will be played.

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    I haven't seen anything on the calendar at Dragon's Lair, but would like to maybe reserve a table and get a game in if anyone is interested.

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    I up for a game 40-50 pts also call DL and tell him your intrested the more we do that the quicker they make a game night

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    FWIW for any Austin folks lurking, I went by Dragon's Lair today and the clerk did mention that they were seeing interest in ASoIaF TMG and were indeed planning on putting a game night on their schedule. Until then, they've got quite a few tables and there were several available midday on a Saturday.

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