How do you stop the Boltons Flayed men?
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Thread: How do you stop the Boltons Flayed men?

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    Default How do you stop the Boltons Flayed men?

    I have played with and or against the Boltons Flayed men in almost every game Ive played so far (approx 8 games). In each of those games the Flayed men have been a central part of the players strategy and soaked up tremendous damage. In about half of these game the flayed men were eventually killed but usually with a tremendous effort to the losing side. In fact I have not played a game yet where the player using the flayed men lost. Out of the base set and units availabel in the kickstarter, the flayed men seem to be the strongest unit of all. Yes they are expensive at 10 points, which may make them too much of an investment for 30 pt builds. But with 40 point builds its easy to afford 1 and with 50 pt builds two are possible. Lets take a look at them.

    10 pt cost
    5 speed and Cavalry, so extra manuever action every turn which makes them very mobile and able to flank units easily.
    8 amd 6 dice hitting at 3 War Flail gives Critical Blow for extra hitting power and Vicious which is good against lower moral (possibly higher armor foes).
    Spread fear which works great with vicious and ,any builds.
    And what makes them really stand out, the best armor in the game at 2 and decent morale at 6. Killing this unit is extremely difficult!!!

    So those are some great stats, so how can we deal with them:

    1) Obviously you could use another Bolton Flayed men unit against it, Duh.
    2) The Lannister Cavalry with The mountain attachment can probably win one vs one, but costs 11 points.
    3) If you send multiple hard hitting units against it from the rear or flanks that will work (which is easier said than done against a highly maneuverable cavalry unit), but its probably exactly what your opponent wants you to do while they capture objectives and destroy your other units. Also hard hitting units such as Mountains men, berserkers, and Stark Bowman are just not very effective against the flayed men's great armor and all will lose a prolonged fight one on one.
    4) You can ignore them and focus your attention against their more vulnerable units. This is a problem because the flayed men unit hits hard and will carve you up if you don't deal with them.

    To me, all of the above ways, play in to your opponents hands, and are not ideal.

    There are only a few viable ways of dealing with the flayed men that I can think of with the current builds available.

    1) For 4 points The mountain that Rides, if you can get him into the flank or rear of the flayed men can do some real damage. This is especially effective if you use a good anvil type unit such as the Lannister guards to take the brunt of the flayed men's damage and hold the line against them.

    2) Cercie and morale/panic attacks. If you can use the tactics board and Cercie's No confident influence and create panic attacks against them, their 6 morale is somewhat vulnerable. This to me is the best tactic against them, but obviously not available to Starks. Starks and Mercenaries could do something similar with a Roose Bolton build possibly.

    Either way, even for 10 points, I think the Boltons flayed men are a value and one of the best units in the game. I'm trying to create some builds with two of them or one of them with the mountain that rides or Lannister cavalry with the mountain attachment. They work excellent with any faction but are especially useful with Lannisters against Stark armies.

    I would love to hear what you guys think? How do you stop the Boltons flayed men, or how will you use them to your advantage?

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    I usually play WITH the Flayed Men, but my last game I played against them and I was the Starks. Part of the trick is offering them into a charge they can't refuse, this is what I did putting a unit of Eddard Stark and Sworn Swords out in front and on an objective, with a unit of Bolton Cuthroats set up for a counter charge. The attack was devastating, though I wish I could recall what else it was I used in conjunction...I think I forced another Panic test on them with the Politics board

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    Lock them in with lannister guards , then pyromancers will take care of the rest (with bronn attachment) having cercie attached to them helps end them on one round
    Especially if they get hit by lannister supramecy

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    100% agree with Purple Pyena that it's important to tar-pit this unit. Lannisters can do this well with Lannister Guardsmen. The onus being on the Bolton's to get maximum value out of this unit, he has to find the engagements where ideally he is either supporting his own units in an attack or engaging you one-on-one with this superior unit.

    They have 6 rounds to do work and, tactics pending, have a limited number of actions to do work. If one of those is a disengage from an unfavorable combat - that's great for you!

    I think as far as units being OP, or "the strongest unit of all" - that comes down to player skill level on both sides, the board state at the time you want to damage them, and the units available in that particular battle.

    It's hard to speculate on how the meta will evolve, as we are pretty much still in a "no-meta" stage of the game where units are so new that people are still finding the full value of units. However, with the inclusion of several unit troop tips on the horizon that will deal with armor very well, I think this particular unit will see its efficacy go down in the upcoming months - for better or worse - with the inclusion of the Great Axes and Pyromancers.

    We'll flag this as a topic to discuss at On the Table Gaming in the near future.

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    Flank attack them with Mountain Men + the Mountain. Make sure they have Vulnable + Panic tokens. If possible use tactical cards. USe extra attack from tactical board. Then they should be dead!

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    Avoid them if possible.
    Charge them with something cheap if you cant
    Weakened condition token to make them roll bad

    It's 10 points, and means they probably have less than in other places. They have been strong but not game-breaking at 40-50 points

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    I agree that they are a bit too strong now, but they are not unstoppable.

    Your options are:

    1. Abilities/cards that cause wounds, not hits.
    2. Lannisters can use their moral tricks.
    3. Stark superior mobility can let you attack them from flank.
    Berserkers + flank attack + vulnerable is 4+ save with rerolls of successes.
    4. Engage them with tough squad with good save and moral and forget about them.

    Few examples:

    * Eddards honour guard
    * Tully sworn shields
    * Lannister guards with guard captain.
    * Lannister knights
    * Mountain that rides.
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    Also Varys to stop healing from the board, as it is not really likely to oneshot Flayed men in one round.

    (But Varys is quite auto-include anyways if wanting to min/max).

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    As is I don’t think they are “too strong”. At least I don’t think they should be nerfed. I think they will be easier to deal with once we have more units (great axes and alchemists)

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