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    I have a couple of questions

    1. Can I use Stark fury and the order Umber rage at the same time? I thought I couldn’t because both is voluntary effects (as described on page 23 in the rules) because Stark Fury state that “you may” and Umber Rage is an order and both triggers before dice are rolled. Or is Stark Fury an ability which is always active (as the rules state on page 10). But in the example on the same page they state that because it says “may” it’s optional and it’s therefore a voluntary effect?
    2. So is spending a token treated rules wise as a voluntary effect? In other words can I both play a card with the trigger after rolling defense dice and spend a weakened token? Or does tokens have their own rules and I can choose the order I resolve them as described on page 23 in the rules?
    3. Regarding Deadly Riposte when do I resolve the order? Directly after the dice are rolled or can I wait to resolve the order after spending the weakened token?

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    1. Yes, Stark Fury may be used in this case. While choosing to gain the bonuses in exchange for taking damage is optional, the choice must always be made each time the unit attacks, making it a mandatory effect.

    2. You may expend a Condition token anytime its criteria is met (Attack/Weakened, Defending/Vulnerable, etc etc). It does not interfere with the usage of Tactics Cards, Orders, or alike.

    3. Are you inquiring about the Tactic Card Deadly Riposte, or Jaime's Order: Counterattack (I believe you are asking about Deadly Riposte, but you're saying Order). In the case of Deadly Riposte the trigger is before Attack Dice are rolled, so it does not interact with timing of Weakened or similar effects. If asking about Counterattack... It is based off of Blocked Hits, so also does not interact with Weakened, the attack roll, or similar effects either.
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    Thanks for answering. Yes I meant the tactic card Deadly Riposte. What I meant was when do I resolve the card? My unit is attacked by a weakened enemy and then I play Deadly Riposte and the attacker rolls his dice. Do I resolve the card directly after he rolled his initial dice pool or after I have forced him to reroll his dice by spending the weakened token? Also when do the attacker roll defense dice for the hits caused by Deadly Riposte? Directly after he has rolled his attack dice or when the attack is completely resolved?

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    Deadly Riposte's trigger is "When an enemy unit makes a Melee Attack, before attack dice are rolled", and its effect is "For each Miss, that enemy suffers 1 automatic Hit.".

    The resolution would be as follows:

    1. Attack is declared.
    2. Deadly Riposte triggers, being played before Attack Dice are rolled.
    3. Attack dice are rolled.
    4. At this point, Weakened may be used to force re-rolls.
    5. Once final results have been generated, Attacker suffers Hits.
    6. Resolution of attack continues.
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