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    Hey guys,

    So I've never done this sort of thing before but here we go.

    I've been working on improving my overall painting and trying to push my self as a painter. Thought I would record that journey here, starting with my work on the Great Embalmer from Raging heroes.

    I started out blocking the colors for the blue and gold. I was using the image off the website for inspiration and something to work towards. I also decided I wanted to make a display for her.

    Name:  20180825_003040.jpg
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Size:  921.0 KBName:  20180825_083351.jpg
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    Name:  20180826_225319.jpg
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    The example pic has some green worked in to her dress but only on the front. I decided to work it all the way around and ended with this....
    Name:  20180825_090825.jpg
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    ..and decided that was way to much green. I'm a total noob at blending and shading but eventually got it to this:
    Name:  20180825_173144.jpg
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    I took some advice from another hobby group and used purple for the shadows on both the dress and the armor. The armor is supposed to be green stuff worlds color-shifting metallic, but the effect is very subtle.
    I added an attempt as some OSL with glowing green on her back and the cables on her arm, as well as an attempt at gems on her staff.

    Final Figure:

    Name:  2018-08-29 19.01.09.jpg
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    I'm pretty happy with how she came out but I'll happily take advice on how to improve. The OSL, Gems, and color shifting metallic are new to me. ( So is the photo editing lol )

    let me know what y'all think ^_^
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    Welcome, nice work. Photos need reducing next time.
    1. 'Painting is a companion with whom one may hope to walk a great part of life's journey.' W. Churchill
    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    I had no idea they would be that big in the post...or how to reduce them lol

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    Welcome Panda! This is a cool looking mini and I really like the display base you've picked out too. It is hard for me to tell from the lighting in the later pictures (the earlier pictures have nice lighting however), but when you paint the gold, have you added shadows to the gold or highlighted it? To my eyes, it looks like you could use more of those to really bring the gold and details out. I would especially recommend investigating a technique called edge highlights for the sharp edges on her head piece. If you do a bit of searching on Youtube, you should be able to find some videos showing what I mean It takes practice with metal colors, especially with Games Workshop paints but the results are well worth it! I hope this info helps and I look forward to seeing more updates!

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    Thanks for the input ^^ I have put shadows in but not so much highlights since I was using the color-shifting metallics from green stuff world and I'm not sure how exactly to highlight them lol. For the lighting same lamps oddly enough but something about the white background made every thing darker, not sure what happened there. The only other switch was from my phone to the SLR. Still mastering picture taking so hopefully the next batch come out better... I need to get back to work on the base.

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