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New Western Front (Box Art) Images were hidden inside of a video released by Super Robot Punch 1 Month ago. My subscriptions box didn't notify me so I am sharing it here. The officail Super Robot Punch youtube and facebook accounts do not have many subscribers or followers and yet they seem to be the people releasing good like the above image(s) or this gem released not long ago as well:

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Proving that work is still being done on this beloved and fabled expansion to rivet wars. Please work on getting the rivet wars twitter passed 500 followers and the Rivet Wars and Super Robot Punches facebook pages more followers and subscribers as well. This project needs to be shown support. Please check out the Survival guide for rivet wars fans on the rivet wars subreddit or on this very forum if you need to know where to go, what to follow, and how to support Rivet Wars and keep in the fight!