Stark Bowmen ability to ignore terrains
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Thread: Stark Bowmen ability to ignore terrains

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    Default Stark Bowmen ability to ignore terrains

    Hi everyone.

    I was having a discussion on the ASoIaF FB group about the Stark Bowmen ability to ignore terrains.
    We could not agree on an interpretation.
    As far as we understood the rules, the Stark Bowmen unit ignores terrains such as forests.
    So, the defending unit wouldn't get the +1 DSR cover bonus the forests grants. That's perfectly fine, since we can imagine the bowmen throwing arrows over the trees.
    However, my fellow group mate stated that if the unit is IN the terrain, occupying it, the defending unit would get the cover bonus from the forest and the Stark Bowmen wouldn't be able to ignore it. He defended his point of view with a real life argument. He said it could be easy to imagine the bowmen firing arrows over the trees, but if the defending unit was under the trees, inside the forest, occupying the terrain, the arrows wouldn't be so effective.
    He wrote, and I quote: "What the ability means is that blocking (intervening) terrain that is located between the bowmen and the target is ignored and allows them to shoot over the terrain. Crossbowmen are firing directly which means they must have LOS and cannot ignore the intervening terrain."
    I don't agree with that. Firstly because I couldn't find anywhere in the rules something about occupying a terrain. Secondly, because the rules on the forest states that the defending unit gains +1 on DSR when the forest is "between" the attacking and the defending units. So, If the defending unit could occupy the terrain, the terrain wouldn't be "between" the units and, therefore, the defending unit would't have the cover bonus.
    Also, the comparison between bowmen and crossbowmen says something about the latter, not the first. Of course the crossbowmen cannot shot over the trees. But it's also obvious that the bowmen can easily fire directly and the Stark could also ignore the cover bonus in that case.

    What say you, guys?


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    I'm new to the game, I'd love to hear the official ruling on this.

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    To me it makes sense that you can fire up and over line of sight blocking terrain, not that the target unit loses its cover bonus.

    Just my view.

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    There is a similar/identical discussion in the Rules Forum right here.

    T W
    To the Iron Throne!

    T W

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    Yes look at the other topic there you will find the official ruling.

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