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    In our last game we had the following two questions:

    1. When do you declare which unit is affected by Brienne’s ability “Knightly Vow” in Clash of kings? Before or after the opponent has selected which unit represents his commander NCU on the battlefield? On the card it states before deployment but the timing regarding when you select the unit is a bit vague as it states at the beginning of the game.
    2. Can you play High Sparrow’s card “Protection of the father” after you are attacked by Gregor Clegane - the mountain that rides? The card states that you suffer 1 wound for every 2 unblocked hits and Gregor’s ability cleaving blows states that defenders don’t get defense saves.

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    Player thoughts...
    1) Great question, as per rules deployment is before "beginning the game" step, and Brienne is before deployment, and declaring NCU proxy is at the beginning of the game (meaning Brienne would go first, then declaring NCU proxy later). But it would make sense to know where the proxy is for Brienne. Would like to hear official ruling as well
    2) YES. ( It's just that ALL of the Mountain's HITS are UNBLOCKED), Not getting defense saves is not related to playing this tactic card.

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    Question 1:

    Before deployment, select 1 enemy
    unit. Until the end of the game, this
    unit's Melee Attacks gain +1 to Hit
    and roll +2 dice against that enemy.

    [Rulebook, Pg. 29, Clash of Kings:]
    • At the beginning of the game, each player selects 2 of their
    Combat Units to deploy. The rest are placed in Reserve,
    being held off the battlefield. The army Commander must
    be deployed, if possible. If the Commander is an NCU,
    1 Attachment must be declared to be their proxy on the


    Knightly Vow is used before deployment. Assigning a proxy for Clash of Kings is handled as part of army deployment. In the event of a Proxy Commander, the player would declare Brienne's target before a proxy would be selected and deployed.


    Question 2:

    1. Gregor's attack does not allow Defense Saves, meaning all Hits rolled are Unblocked Hits (without outside effect).
    2. Protection of the Father says the unit only suffers 1 Wound for every 2 Unblocked Hits.
    2. Unblocked Hits are usually converted into Wounds on a 1-to-1 ratio (Resolving Attacks, pg. 19), Protection is turning that into 2-to-1.
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