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    Does anyone have experience using these with some photos they can share? Particularly red, orange and yellow

    Im considering using fluo red, orange and yellow for lava effect and other fire effects but wondering if just using normal colours then gloss varnish (or mixing with gloss medium) would be just as good. I’m also thinking about using them for glowing eyes effect.

    The model air fluo red looks very orangey. Does anyone have a comparison of this against the model colour fluo orange? I’m hoping for a nice strong red for the glowing eyes mentioned above

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    Also, I’m curious if anyone has experience of each of these and how easily the fluo effect is lost in each case:
    - mixing fluo paints with standard colours
    - varnishing over fluo at the end of the project
    - glazing over fluo to tint it

    Thanks all!

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    They are not that special, just really light and strong colors.
    For lava normal colors are enough, altough you might consider the yellow one for the strong light color it has.

    pic: I personally don't have one, but at JarHead's OSL Workshop we used the fluo colors for the lights. Pics here:
    Sorry I think noone chose red for the light. Just magenta/orange/yellow/green/blue)

    to your questions:
    - mixing: lost if the other color is duller / darker
    - varnish doesn't effect it
    - glazing over: if the color used is duller/darker, then lost

    Basically they are nothing special. Just really light and strongly saturated colors.
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    Don't have pics but another good choice of fluo green is P3's Necrotite Green. Can be further highlighted with white paint or yellow ink. Shade with green ink or paint. Doesn't alter when varnished but suffers from darkening as MAXXxxx has described.

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