Favorite Tactics Cards and How Do You Use Them?
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Thread: Favorite Tactics Cards and How Do You Use Them?

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    Default Favorite Tactics Cards and How Do You Use Them?

    I'd love to hear everyone's strategies on which Tactics Cards you love using! Can we start this off where everyone lists their uses of Stark Tactics cards? It can be as simple as...

    Tactical Regroup (Rob Stark): Play on a unit that you are now activating but is engaged with an enemy. Then have that unit to do a charge attack against a now Vulnerable unit! Note: The card works even if not within long range of Rob Stark but if your unit IS within long range of Rob Stark, your charge target also becomes Vulnerable! This card beautifully allows you to get around the usual restriction that you cannot charge while engaged with an enemy. Something that is a very nice surprise to an enemy that thought they had you locked down!

    My hope is that we can all learn our Tactics cards and combos (including Tactics Board) much better through this thread (or allow a place for Lannister spies to learn our devious plans ha ha ha ha!) and through the experiences of our comrades.

    Don't worry, I'll post a similar thread in the Lannister Tactics board but I am a Stark at heart!

    T W
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