Favorite Tactics Cards and How Do You Use Them?
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Thread: Favorite Tactics Cards and How Do You Use Them?

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    Default Favorite Tactics Cards and How Do You Use Them?

    I'd love to hear everyone's strategies on which Tactics Cards you love using! Can we start this off where everyone lists their uses of Lannister Tactics cards? It can be as simple as explaining the basic use of the card and how/why it worked well for you or in great detail with other cards/abilities/Tactics Board etc.

    I recently made great use of Hear Me Roar (Jamie Lannister) on a unit of Stark Outriders that was holding an objective atop a corpse pile. Combined with Cersi's influence I managed a -6 to their morale of 6: Corpse Pile + Influence + Tactics board -1 + Hear Me Road (-2 due to only one rank left on the Outriders). Box cars or nothing and he rolled a 5 so they went down! (It helped that I also put a vulnerable token on them )

    My hope is that we can all learn our Tactics cards and combos (including Tactics Board) much better through this thread (or allow a place for Stark scouts to learn our Lannister shenanigans ha ha ha ha!) and through the experiences of our comrades.

    Don't worry, there is already a similar post in the Stark Tactics board that you can spy upon!

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    I like the Counterplot card, and all cards that give me back wounds. It makes my opponent very frustrated.

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    Yes, especially on models with good armor saves! In my last game I restored wounds to my Halberdiers unit 11 times. It started with a very unlucky snake eyes on a morale check, causing me to lose 6 models (-1 one to the roll). I restored 3 from the tactics board and then 3 more from an objective counter. Then I took 6 casualties from a unit of Berserkers and used a tactics card (I forget the name) plus tactics board again to restore 5 more wounds. The halberdiers finished off the unit with two rounds of combat and a decent failed save on the Berzerkers (ha ha revenge for my snake eyes!).

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    To the Iron Throne!

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