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    Hi All, i'd like to know how can i remake the same mix of colors. I explain better. When i painting, generally i use mix of colors to change the tonality a bit and to desaturate the color for example or to add more light and so on. Now how can i remake the same colors mix for light for example that i used the day before. Do you use some trick or it's just the experience of the eye?
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    Simply mix the same amount of the same paints. Write it down, if necessary.
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    I often colour match on the palette, keeping in mind that the dry colour will be slightly darker.
    So, mix your paint slightly lighter than what's on the palette.
    I will dab paint next to the original, let it dry and remix if needed.

    Or yeah, write it down.
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    When I mix paints I use baby medicine droppers. They look like a syringe without the needle. They have Mark's on the side for milliliter and cc. Measure,mix and keep a notebook with your recipes.

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    I asked some better painters and they told me: mostly experience helps.

    That said my way of doing it is what Ritual suggested, so mixes are written down. Also it helps, that for most of the colors I do a predictable mix of 1:1, 1:2, etc.

    If I used only a little of the color and don't remember about the ratio I simply ignore it and use what I got. Usually it's not that big of a problem if for example the skin color on the hands don't 100% match the face. Even in real life there is enough variation.
    If something must be the same, I try to paint it in one session and with enough mixed paint, that I don't need to remix.
    Forgot, that it works again.

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