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    I picked up a spare blight doggo at a con paint-n-take and got inspired by the unused allied rescue K-9 picture - resulting in a new character...

    Front: http://fav.me/dcmgprr

    Back: http://fav.me/dcmgpqj

    (links go to DeviantArt pages of the cards, cards made with the super sweet custom unit card builder over on the rivet editor page: http://tehill.net/RivetWars/scenarios/cards/builder/)
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    Way to go! This is just fantastic. Hey, I'd love to see images of the model as well, you said it was a paint and take? I'm so happy to see this. Be sure to share your work around, this is fantastic. Let us know how this will end up working in the fight!
    ~Lieutenant Nathaniel Flint of the Landship Scorpios

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