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    Throne Down Games - Preview

    Hi guys, thanks for taking the time to check out my post. My name is Peter and I am the sole propietor of Throne Down Games based in the UK. Since the start of the year I have been working tirelessly to bring my business idea to a reality, having been unfortunate enough to be made redundant from my job late last year I have been gifted the opportunity to explore something other than being tied to a coperate desk thanks to my incredibly supportive partner.

    The time has come where I am getting ready to launch my company, I have my first miniature on the cusp of being production ready. She marks the start of Throne Down Games and all going well the start of a creative and fulfilling career that will bring a highly stylized miniature line and ultimately immersive game to the tabletop. I will be updating this post as and when I have more information available, I will also be running a competition on the run up to my first miniature being put into production to give away free stuff along the way!


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    This is the biggest hurdle and most daunting part of the process so far, with no foothold in the industry through previous works or exposure I am literally one man on the internet trying to tell people about my passion and share my work, this is such a mammoth task and will ultimately decide weather I can continue to progress TDG into what I envisage.

    To that end from today until the end of my Kickstarter campagin scheduled to launch November 2018 (more details nearer the time) - I will be running a few competitions and giving away miniatures and sets of miniatures as a big thank you.

    Competition 1. Prize: Full Collectors Set of miniatures which includes; 35mm, 54mm, 75mm, character bust, A5 art card, collectors club enrollment*

    *Collectors club

    After many painstaking hours of name storming I have come up with “Collectors Club.” Due to the importance of this first Kickstarter I will be offering lifetime discounts on all of my products for supporters pledging for the Collectors Set tier, this will be a fixed 20% lifetime discount. You will recieve a credit card sized card with your lifetime discount code for that added touch of professionalism! This is an extra big thank you for your ciritical support and will not be available otherwise as it is you who will be the catalyst to make TDG happen.

    What do I have to do?

    This is a simple exercise in social media exposure, I have decided to run a Facebook business page for TDG, the page is brand new with zero followers and zero likes, all you have to do to be in with a chance to win is like my page and like the pinned competition post at the top, it's that simple. At the end of the Kickstarter campaign should funding be successfull I will be randomly selecting winner(s) from the likes to recieve the collectors set for free, shipped for free, totally free!

    *Disclaimer: I can only produce this prize should funding be successful, I hope you can understand this should my project fail to reach it’s target. Entrants will be picked at random on the day the Kickstarter campaign ends from those who have liked my page and the pinned entry post. The number of winners will depend on the success of the campaign.

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    Adding 360 renders to my facebook page:

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    Design is niceish, but please rethink the staff for the bust. It's not a really good think imo if it reaches under the plynth (too long). I'd either cut it at a point or reposition the arm/hand.
    The full figure doesn't have this 'problem'.

    please do an update when it will be available for retail.
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    Hey MAXXxxx thanks for the feedback, I have thought of this don't worry I decided to include the full length of the staff so it can be optionally attached if she was to be mounted onto an additional plinth giving extra height. How she will be cut is below for reference;

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