How to spend 7 remaining points? (list-building)
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Thread: How to spend 7 remaining points? (list-building)

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    Question How to spend 7 remaining points? (list-building)

    Hi everyone,

    Coming friday I have a 40 point game scheduled.
    I intend to play Starks this time. I have no clue what my opponent will bring, nor what scenario it will be.
    (we let die rolls decide what scenario is played any given day)
    All I know is that my opponent likes Flayed men (often with Roose Bolton as NCU/commander) a lot.
    Thus far he never fielded an army without Flayed men...

    So my list has to be flexible enough to deal with anything really.
    Now, another 'limitation' is that i only want to field painted units and NCU's.

    I have painted five (Stark) units below:

    Faction: House Stark
    Commander: Howland Reed – Points: 33

    Combat Units:

    1. House Umber Berserkers (7)
      ‣ Sworn Sword Captain (1)
    2. House Umber Berserkers (7)
      ‣ Sworn Sword Captain (1)
    3. Stark Outriders (7)
    4. Stark Sworn Swords (5)
    5. Stark Sworn Swords (5)

      Non-Combat Units:
    6. Howland Reed – Lord of the Crannogs (0)

    This leaves me with 7 points for an NCU (IMO you truly need a 2nd NCU at 40 points or more.)
    My choices are; Catelyn, Varys or Littlefinger. (painted!)

    the remaining 3 points could be:
    Sansa Stark – Little Bird (3)
    ‣ Brynden Tully – Vanguard Infiltrator (3)
    ‣ Robb Stark – The Young Wolf (3) (+Grey Wind)

    Now. I cannot decide. I'd like all of the above and that is when I figured to invoke your collective wisdom.
    How would you spend the remaining 7 points? And why?

    Thanks a bunch in advance.

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    I like most of your ideas, so I think, considering that you don't know scenario nor your opponent, most solutions you give are good.

    - Catelyn: removes tokens, gives constantly more dice for a unit of yours (as you have Berserkers, you still get the benefit from them +2 dice, even when all units have full ranks).
    - Varys and Littlefinger: blocking your enemy tactic boards / NCU

    => All equally good, just depends on what you think your enemy emphasizes.

    What I would not go with in this exact setup:
    - Brynden Tully (too expensive for it's use)

    Thus it leaves the remaining 3 points for:
    - Robb Stark, to get decent attachment, but mostly, extra activation and annoyance from Grey Wind.
    - Sansa, adding its activation. just to get 3rd NCU to take Tactic Board benefits from, can be valuable.

    => Both have their benefits. Sansa a bit more theoretical, Robb being more consistent. (But really, 3 NCU is nice if enemy has only 2!)

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    Think about Other hero attachments that buff your sworn shields. Bronn, Bren, and the Blackfish. Or a moral boost like the She bear.

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    Played 3 games with this list. 2 wins and one (narrow) defeat where dice massively crapped over poor me.
    (undamaged swornswords got charged by swornswords who netted 13 hits (Stark fury&stark luck) and me failing every save bar one.)

    I'd say this list works.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SeanApDaniel View Post
    Think about Other hero attachments that buff your sworn shields. Bronn, Bren, and the Blackfish. Or a moral boost like the She bear.
    he only one I really dislike is Bronn. 2 points for an attachment the opponent can switch off half the time at will? Nah. not for me...

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    Try to get your hands on a unit of Umber Greataxes and replace the Stark outriders with them. They are not nearly as maneuverable but boy do they pack a punch. Very fun unit to play.

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