What would bring you to pay someone for painting your miniatures?
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Thread: What would bring you to pay someone for painting your miniatures?

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    Default What would bring you to pay someone for painting your miniatures?

    Hello everybody,

    I'm doing a research about art and how people recognize the worth of it in different types and shapes.

    I'm curious about why other people asks for miniatures painted by commision. Aso, a lot of people here paint very well and I'm wondering if you would pay someone else to paint your miniatures too and if so, why?

    Your answers will help me a lot (sorry for my english )

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    why minis as payment: because it's a hobby and the customer probably wouldn't pay the price if asked, BUT the a painter wants to try painting it. So instead the painter ask for a mini that he/she wouldn't/couldn't buy otherwise as a symbolic price.
    some examples from me:
    - Had the KD-Wet Nurse, painter offered to paint it free just to have a go at it
    - BrokenToad's Angel mini: DR said he'd gladly paint it for someone if he could get the mini (sent him 2, 1 to be painted for me, 1 for him)
    - Ynnead eldar model: I wanted to see what I could do with it, but didn't want to buy the GW box, so I offered to paint it for free (with color restrictions to be part of customers army)

    Would I pay to have some of my minis painted by someone else: Of course.
    3 main points:
    - to get a painted mini from someone whose style I like
    - to have a paintjob much better than what I can do on a mini that's special to me (Chris Clayton's "HUSH!" mini for example)
    - time... simply I don't have enough time to paint all I have/want. Even at top speed I painted about 1 mini per week, but bought 10+/month. This year... bought quite a few I like, finished maybe 2 total. So any help is welcome.
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    I lurk here a lot and don't post much, but I do have several models that I have bought from third parties already painted. The thing is, I also paint slowly but only to a tabletop standard, but sometimes I see someone's work that will fit into my armies to boost the numbers. At last check I had over 700 infantry for 40k. In that there are about 4-5 squads that have come from third parties, and I needed them to give me the numbers. I hope that makes sense.

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    I would buy (have bought actually) because they are much better quality than I can do and really liked the figure and paint job done. Even if I get better I would still probably buy one now and then as I like to collect them and if I see that someone can do much better work than me I would go that route. And like Maxx said above speed - I am a horribly slow painter and if I have a figure that I don't think I could do justice to then I would seek out someone else.

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    Thanks a lot for the answers guys! I think this hobbie is quite complex, at least for me that I'm a newbie

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    For those who view this as art it’s the same as buying a painting because it appeals to you. I have never commissioned anyone before but would because I like their particular take on something and share their point of view.

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    Hopefully this isn't too late for your research, but I pay others to paint my figures b/c it saves me time (my hobby time is stretched too thin between tabletop, video games, basketball, comic reading, etc) and they'd look a lot better than if I did paint them myself!

    I've tried painting and I'm not terrible, but I definitely can see it being a painstake on my hands. I do love creating art (or at least I used to love creating it as a kid - I'd draw a lot and paint models, which evolved to dabbling into music as I got older), but in the case of the precision and fine craftsmanship of minis painting, I decided to not learn and just leave it to the pros.

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    Lack of time is my primary driver. But also because it is like art - I want to see the interpretation of an artist that I like, and have that on display for my enjoyment.
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    i would not oay someone to paint my minis for me. i love painting. I do sometimes do art exchanges and paint for the NOVA open charitable foundation every year.
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