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    Hi guys, this is my first post in CMON and I would like to show you my WIP base for a local competition I'm going to join in December.
    I don't have much of experience painting miniatures and bases (started 3 months ago) but I think getting feedback from the community from the start will help me improve much faster.

    So here is my base:
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    This being my first competition I thought to go with a safe choice of copying something I found online and converting it a bit to my needs.

    Main Theme:
    The idea came from this mini: https://c1.staticflickr.com/8/7672/1...21a080fd_k.jpg
    so in the center of the ruined building will be a Ironstrider Dragoon resting his feet on top of a ork bomb and what remains from one of the window cases you see in the photos above.

    Any feedback is welcome :P
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    Looks like a nice base great job on it.
    As for what I might critique
    -I might add a little rust or grime or dust to the white and green power boxes (or what ever they are) as it would make them fit in a little more.
    -Can't tell from the angle of the pictures, but might need an edge highlight on the broken floor part along the edge in parts (this may not be needed but I don't really see it)
    -maybe build up the leave litter in the corner a little bit more (not much) and I would say if you have any broken small pieces of wall material laying around put a little on the floor and some laying around outside

    *that all depends on how you want the finished piece to look though.

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    Thanks a lot for the feedback ekipage!
    - forgot to finish them before the photo, thanks for pointing out
    - The floor is metallic darkened down so I think I will an edge highlight as you suggested with necron compound (you are quite correct as it doesn't have anything to highlight it).
    - I will add a bit more leaves and dust in the corner to seem more aged, you have a point.

    Regarding the extra rumble, I will add if needed after I position the bombs and the miniature I have in mind.
    Here are some dry planning photos with the intended components almost all in place:
    Name:  IMG_20180905_185925.jpg
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Size:  163.1 KBName:  IMG_20180918_210201.jpg
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    I should have posted more information about the intended finished miniature, sorry.

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    To be honest, I didn't look at the picture you linked so didn't realize you were putting some extra bits (like the bombs and such in) so you might not need the extra leaf litter, although you may want to put some under the floor (if it isn't there already) as it would add to it when people look at it. If the floor bit is actually metal, you might be able to just polish the edge (if you have a dremel and fine polishing wheel) instead of actually highlighting it with paint.

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    Thanks for the suggestions, I think I got misunderstood, the floor is resin but painted in metallic colors, now I saw that what I wrote could be misunderstood lol.
    I will work a bit more on it and post an update. Thanks a lot of the feedback!!

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    Ahh, my bad, then yes a highlight would be appropriate Just hope the feedback is useful.

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    The feedback was really helpful. I will finish the base and update the post!

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    If I may offer some constructive criticism, the layout of the three bombs. Is the one facing downwards supposed to have crashed through the structure and was a dud? If so, there likely wouldn'd have been two other bombs laying at it's feet also duds. If it is a dud bomb, i would replace the other two laying down bombs with a dirt crater and building debris.

    If they are active bombs and this is a storehouse of some sort, then your robot it standing on a live bomb with the trigger pin likely in the nose. The weight would have it explode.

    Lastly, with the understanding that this is a small vignette, with a snapshot of a moment, how did the robot stand up so tall? Artistically, you can omit the roof of the structure, but him standing on the window sill and the tail of a bomb seems odd. I'm not sure what else you have planned, but i'm looking forward to it.

    Please dont take my comments as a negative assessment of your work, rather something to think about with the full layout of your piece. I like where you are going with it.

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    Hi there, thanks a lot of the feedback. There is no way for me to get this as negative, honestly that's the reason I posted it in the first place. Your comment made me re-think the layout of the base as you have a point regarding the bombs.

    I wanted to differentiate a bit from the initial concept I found online and add something of my own, but I think that adding 2 bombs extra for the sake of not having empty space there, might not be the best idea.
    So what I thought about changing:
    1. the robot will stand on the actual floor edge to edge, and the bombs will be placed there as a storehouse.
    2. the robot will still stand on the tail of the bomb as it is a dud, so I need to do a crater and remove the other bombs
    3. break apart the vertical bomb to show that it's decommissioned and salvaged for part, as something that orks would do actually.

    Now which of the above I would choose? Tough choice.
    Having done most of the work for the base, I wouldn't like to destroy it and make the crater, which would be the best thing to do in the start of the project (oh well maybe in the next project).
    I think following the plan 1 and move the robot away from the bombs and leave them as they are is the best option:
    Name:  IMG_20181001_233113.jpg
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    What is your opinion over this? I thinks this pose makes more sense.

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    Personally, i think that this base is too cluttered for this model. You have a lot of stuff going on in it. And the size of the structure, compared to the size of the model have them compete against each other rather than compliment/balance.

    From the suggestions that you have made, you have to ask yourself what do you want to showcase? If it is the robot (sorry I'm not familiar with the model name/brand), then I would have it advancing over the battlefield, whether that is urban street or field, have it walking past an undetonated bomb with a few craters around. It is simple, the bomb and craters provide some sort of balance and interest against the robot, and leaves the robot as your main point of focus.

    For your existing building structure, I feel that it would be better utilized to showcase a squad of minis, shooting (maybe pinned down) in a battle damaged building. The size of the building will provide levels for the smaller minis, and draw your eyes around scene for other details.

    Good luck.

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    I gave some thoughts on the feedback you sent and I think you might have a point about how cluttered the model might be. Maybe it's my inexperience with model + terrain conversions that I couldn't see how much stuff are there. I still have time to decide and the idea of using the terrain for showcasing a squad is nice as I have a Kill Team made for 40k which I can use as a display case.

    Now for the robot (it's an 40k Adeptus Mechanicus Ironstrider Dragoon/Balistari depending the payload), I might make something flatter and less "in-the-way" kind of terrain to accompany it.

    Maybe an urban scene, road + pavement and some craters and the destroyed tail of a bomb protruding from the ground that the robot is stepping on it might be simpler and easier to focus.
    I will give it some serious thought and I will choose what I will do.

    i sincerely value the feedback you gave me and thank you very much for pointing out.

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    when i would make my dioramas/vignettes, Shep Paine was a great resource. He focuses on how to layout a scene. You can find his books, or perhaps snippits of his work online.

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