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    Just making sure I read the FAQ right.....

    If a unit has let's say.... Wounded Jaime, Sworn Sword Captain ...... The unit takes 11 wounds....

    -The Captain considered to have been "destroyed / removed from the unit " ?
    In other words (for all other cases), if removing an attachment model due to a regular wound, does that count as destroying / removing from unit ( I know it sounds like a dumb question because you are removing it from the tray, but that might not mean the same thing)

    -In the case of healing, the Captain is not considered to be generic?
    Clash of Kings re-deployment rules..... non-character attachments can be re-deployed because they are generic, but Characters can't

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    I'm doing my best to fully understand your question so apologies if I am not addressing it fully.

    As for healing, the attachment should not be able to be restored to the unit per this part of the FAQ:

    Q: Follow-up Question: If an Attachment is destroyed from a unit,
    and then wounds are restored to the unit, can the Attachment be
    A: No. Once destroyed, the Attachment is permanently lost. The unit may
    only restore generic models.

    I think that they are one and the same thing in regards to your first question. Could you give some more examples to better illustrate what possible conflicts or discrepancies you are seeing?

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    Yea, I guess I just didn't expect for a regular wound to the unit to count as the same as destroying/removing an attachment (if that wound removes an attachment)......

    I think its all fine, just some terms got me... Like "permanent" and "generic" . in certain game modes generic attachments are redeployed with the unit, so that attachment isn't really permanently gone, so was thinking maybe the healing was just talking about characters, not generic attachments. But it seems fine as is, no worries.

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