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    So...been a bit since I've posted or done any painting of note so treat myself to a new project...a Great Unclean One from GW. I've done a bit of work on him before posting this but took pics to show progress.

    I decided on a fleshy colour scheme rather than the usual green...wasn't sure at first but liking it now.Name:  20181004_174239.jpg
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    A beast of a model and a nice project. Goood start; I like the combination of flesh colour and the wounds with purple.

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    Thanks man...and yeah it's a big un lol.

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    So far so good, nice choice of colours. Looks great

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    Pretty sweet dude, I've seen a couple of flesh tone nurgle daemons and always been tempted to paint some up, never quite got round to it though

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    Looking even more terryfing with thes gorgeous flesh colours.



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