Hello people!

I have recently gone mental on this game and bought pretty much everything that can be (rip my wallet).

However after playing with pretty much every hero available, i have one question that i can use some clarification on.
The quarermaster for Hammers of Ragnarok has a Reactive skill that states:
”When an enemy hero activates, they must immediately use all actions to move within one zone of this character, and must use all remaining actions to attack the zone this character is in”
now this seems pretty straight forward however, one of the Iron inquisition characters has a passive that he chooses to use once during his activation, the question then came up, if he is forced to immediately use his action points to move, and then must use all remaining actions to attack the zone, does he have time, or free will to use his passive?
My friends argument was that: if the move itself it a taunt, then IRL the passive would be used, as it is part of his attacks, however because it is neither an attack, not an attack that targets zones, i would be under the impression he cannot use his passive in the turn he is taunted, as the taunt specifically tells him what he spends his 3 actions on, and that he must do them immediately (meaning he has no time to choose to use his passive).

Any help would be much appreciated