Vallejo Special Effects vs Citadel Technical (Blood, Rust, etc)
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Thread: Vallejo Special Effects vs Citadel Technical (Blood, Rust, etc)

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    Default Vallejo Special Effects vs Citadel Technical (Blood, Rust, etc)

    I've just got hold of Zombicide Green Horde and planning how to paint them. Does anyone have any opinions on Vallejo blood & rust special effects vs the Citadel technical equivalents?

    I occasionally see the Vallejo Special Effects set going on a good discount, so may pick up the set, but mostly people seem to recommend GW Blood for the Blood God for blood effects and it would be disappointing if the Vallejo Dried Blood and Fresh Blood aren't very good.

    I'm also thinking about doing some rust, although this is less important than the blood.

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    they have a bit more natural color.
    For example the GW blood is stonger and a bit brighter red, than the fresh/dried blood from V, BUT imho the V ones look better.
    --> because of it's saturation+brightness the GW one is better for cartoonish look, while the V is better for a more realistic look .

    But to be honest, until I run out of it I'll stay with the TamiyaX27+brown/black ink combo even though it's at least 1 step more (mixing the needed shade as the X27 is a pretty strong bright red if not mixed with something else) than using the GW/V ones from the bottle. Especially as if forgotten for a minute or so it coagulates to a somewhat textured finish, so you not only get a good color, but some extra texture/grime too.
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    I like the Vallejo rust effects. Don’t put it on too thick. Once dry, you can add more if needed. Think about where the rust might develop. I did some rust for the siege breaker. It was my first time doing this, but it seemed to turn out okay.
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