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    Here's a sample list that includes mostly units found in a typical Kickstarter's arsenal. It does include an additional unit of Bolton Cutthroats, as without releases yet it's difficult to bring the whole faction to 40 pts otherwise.

    This is a great list to reinforce good habits with token use, particularly panic tokens. Enjoy!
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    Chase, have you or Josh or anyone you regularly play with tried out a Neutral only army in your games? I'm curious about any tabletop lessons y'all may have learned playing Neutrals as their own faction. I like their potential on paper, but am currently painting mine up & have yet to play with them.

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    I don't play a lot of neutral and, in fact, or local scene has hardly any neutral players at all. That being said, about an hour to the north of us is a scene that is mostly dominated by Neutral faction players. People have spoken favorably about running well balanced Roose lists (3 cutthroats, 1 bastard girls, and 1 flayed men unit). What are your lists looking like?

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    I'm planning to start w small games of 30 pts at first to get my feet wet & a feel for the faction's play style. Trying to use Ramsay, but tough fitting in everything and divorcing myself from my mental dependence on minimum 2 NCUs. Easy w NCU Roose as commander, but tough having enough units AND 2 ncu's w Ramsay. Even tougher when you're dying to try out massive 10pt unit of Flayed men!

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    I play the boltons alot, it's in fact my favorite "faction", but i have much more experience with Roose than Ramsay. Reason for that is purely thematic.

    I find out that Ramsay loves his Girls and the Cutthroats. He doesn't feed or spread on panic tokens as Roose does, but he's one of the deadliest commander with his tactic combos in terms of potential casualties. That's perhaps why i tend not to pick Flayed Men as much with Ramsay as i do with Roose.

    Our Blades are sharp, combined with Reek (automatic and free panic token), is going to wreck most unit. Cruel Methods work really well with the dogs (great morale and loosing a rank doesn't matter).

    40pts seems like the sweet spot for games, personally. If playing 30pts I've found Roose to be easier to build an army with than Ramsay, mostly due to the NCU factor. All NCUs for neutrals are 4pts, which leaves 26pts for the rest of the army, which always seems to leave too many points left or too few.

    3 Cutthroats (15) (Ramsay)
    1 Dogs (7)
    2 NCUs (Varys and Littlefinger) (8)
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