When is the Official Release Date of Night's Watch? Specifically NW Starter, NW Ranger Hunters, NW Sworn Brothers, and NW Builder Scorpion Crew?

Originally, all four boxes were due out for 26 Oct. Then a delay was announced to push the date back until 30 November. And since then I believe the date got pushed forward to the 23 Nov (around the same time that the price reduced from $100 to $85).

The issue is that the announcement did not mention NW Builder Scorpion Crew by name, only the other three. I certainly wouldn't assume that it would be due out before the NW Starter set. But I've seen a whole range of dates published now, including 26 Oct, 23 Nov, 30 Nov, and even a February date. I've also seen just plain old blank.

Would it be too much trouble for an official Release date?